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L2 Storm is a different server with unique gameplay and systems that give the player an incredible experience never before seen on another server.
With a stylish 75x average rate, the server preserves the PvP style and appreciates the craftsmanship and farm, pleasing from players who enjoy many battles to those who prefer trading and trading.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
Rates: 75x Exp, 75x SP, 200x Adena
- Enchants Custom: Above +3 the chance to enchant decreases 5% in each up (ex: +4 = 65%, +5 = 60%, +6 = 55%).
Safe Enchant +3
Max Enchant +16
/ Characteristics /
Auto Loot Items / Auto Learn Skills.
- 20 Buff + 4 Divine Inspiration slots (6 debuffs slots).
- NPC Buffer with leveling skills.
- Global Gatekeeper with teleportation to all necessary zones.
- Shop wiith C-S grade items without weapons or custom armor (S grade valued, hampered).
Increasing chance ability has increased.
- Offline work shops, just need to use the quit game button.
- Killing Spree: The system announces that players kill enemies consecutively without dying.
1,2,3 Job quests all free.
Subclass without quest and free.
Nobless quest
- NPC buffers located in major cities.
- 20 Buff Slots + 4 dividine inspiration, 6 Debuff Slots.
- All buffs last 2 hours.
/ Olympiad and Heroes /
- Olympiad fight at 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (utc -3) daily.
- Anti-feed system where the characters have their items, their name and information hidden.
- Heroes with a duration of 15 days.
/ Unique Features /
- Achievements: The player receives a reward of "Scroll of Bravery" to achieve the objectives.
/ Custom items and Economy /
- Adena also valued and used as a piece of negotiation in the negotiations and purchase of coins.
- Storm Coin: The most valuable coin used to buy special items and services.
- Scroll of Bravery: Obtained by winning events, winning sieges etc.
- Crystal of Purity: Material used to add SA's on weapons and un-seal armor.
- Clan Essence: Add 500 reputation points to the Clan. It can only be used by clan leaders.
- Donation: obtained through donation as reward, 1 USD = 1 Storm Coin.
- Merchant: obtained by purchase on NPCs with Adena + Scroll of Bravery.


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Hello everyone, we will be making a lottery worth donater ticket, follow the instructions to participate. Remembering that only those who follow the correct instructions will participate in the draw.


1 - Enjoy the Lineage 2 Storm page on facebook. Click here

2 - Share this link, it will only be accepted if it is this link. Click here
3 - Ready you will already be participating in the draw.


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