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[L2J] L2Hallows

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Opening Live: 2017/03/11 - 18:00 GMT+2
Xp 500x.
Sp 500x.
Aden 500x.
Drop 500x.
PartyXp 1x.
PartySp 1x.
Starting character level - 20.
Enchant rates:
Safe enchant +5.
Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+15).
Crystal scrolls max enchant (+20).
Simple enchant scrolls chance - 70%.
Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 100%.
Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100%.
Mid life stone skill chance - 5%.
High life stone skill chance - 10%.
Top life stone skill chance - 25%.
Allowed: 1 Active + 1 Passive skills.
General features:
Interlude (T0)
Main town - Schuttgart Town.
Working all castle sieges.
Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants.
8 active raid bosses.
Unique farming areas.
Npc skill enchanter.
A grade items for free.
Shops till top S grade.
Full npc buffer with auto buff.
Max count of buffs - 100
Max subclasses - 3.
Free and no quest class change.
Free and no quest sub class.
No weight limit.
No grade limit.
Pvp color system.
Top 10 pvp/pk/online npc in game.
Augmentation system.
Interlude retail skills
Server up-time [24/7] [99]%.
No custom items !
Npc To Pc
AIO System
VIP System
Champion System
Event system:
TVT events.
Gm Events:
Olympiad game:
Retail olympiad game.
Competition period the first and the fifteenth day of the month.
Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00].
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