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Share L2.NET Interlude-latest support

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Ok igot this erro on client


First info about system



General protection fault!

History: UD3DRenderDevice::Unlock<-UViewport::Unlock <- UWindowsViewport::Unlock <-Draw<-UGameEngine::Draw<-UWindowsViewport::Repaint<-UWindowsClient::Tick<-ClientTick<-UGameEngine:Tick<-UpdateWorld<-MainLoop


This are the only errors and happen on same 2nd client ;S

1st log acc A 2nd log acc B - acc B crash

1st log acc B 2nd log acc A - acc Acrash

i ahve all up to date now ;/



Ok i think its couse of new nvidia drivers 185.5 are not compatible with l2 will downgrade it.


But at last we know that you have to newer drivers if you got error :)

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231 is no longer supported... but inject should work, unless you are trying to send an unknown packet to l2.net? What does your packet look like?


If you press continue, does everything still work? Does the packet send at all?

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