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WTS Ee With Items, Rpg X3[H5]

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EE 84lvl nobl, 3subs
BOE, protections, mag.will, enlightment, divine inspiration lv4
19199 fame
4goblets for tezza Q
FDS acumen clarity
vesper caster
vesper noble set +3 Fire/water/earth/wind 5parts lvl4. dark 2 parts lvl4
zaken soul cloak
pailaka shirt
C grade belt
moirai sigil
5x vorpal jewels +3
cloak of flames +6
premium account
2 head accessories (including valakas slayer)
kookaburra 86
skill enchants:
recharge 13cost
erase 8cost
mana burn 15cost
resist shock 7power
clarity 13power
poWater 10penalty
mana gain 8time
block ww 7chance
trance 13chance
magical backfire 13mana
wisdom 9 power
robe mastery 13mdef
cast speed 10power
wisdom 10power
divine lore 9power

150kk  adena


contact me on skype for more info: sodden93
(i trade in mxc since 2009, check the history)
+Gift DoD noblesse 82lvl
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