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9 hours ago, Dev said:


You will open that server and have fixed everything so God is ready to play it because until then you and the rest people will be dead because of age related reasons aka they will be 80 years old lmao. You've lost it mate. Completely and this whole developing story and post here 2 and a half years now it's completely pointless. You are working on something that is not worth the investment, time and money you put on. I feel sorry for you.


I do respect your opinion but it's only yours and those who don't wanna wait for such long time for something not seen before.

Btw im not doing retail like 1:1. For that everyone has official which is free now.

Im preparing something else, a new world. Those are my reasons why i do not say anything till the MVP.

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On 1/31/2019 at 5:32 PM, cocosimeonov said:

Seems like Your workspace don't do the job. Have you ever hear of a domain and paid server , have you hear a packages bought from Russians ? Guess not.


Don't tell me what I know, we are here in your topic talking about you.

Let other guess what I know and what not.

If 500 USD is so low price for you, I don't know what you doing than.

You seems to be a rich guy, nowadays you could make good amount of money by doing Classic server with minimum money for a huge profit.

So I still don't get you, you need more 4 years to fix CLassic 2.0 ? No worth it.

Delete this thread.

I guess @DEV|Supreme is not so rich to buy @Mobius Classic subsciption. He could always borrow some money from @*real*savormix.

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Just dont reply to this thread anymore boys and girls. Like that we keep it on top and it had nothing to do with the preview server section.

Don't post and let this thread be forgotten.

If @

DEV|Supreme If try to bump it or write useless there is chance to be deleted/trashed this thread.

GL HF mr Supreme


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3 breaks and 3 servers later server is still not rdy !!

Supreme if you rly want to open a succesfull classic private . focus on 1.5 - zaken patch , everything afterwards sucks and is the reason why people stopped.


so incase u dont just wanna sell servers and actually open one , pls focus on 1.5 - zaken , this is pvp fun and not instance shit  with pvp only at daily bosses and every 2 weeks at sieges

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