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WTS Skelth BH 50 /EO 46/SE 51

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Lineage 2 classic is one of th best games around. It lacks in the graphics department but it make up for the diversity in classes. One of the best reasons for playing this game is the fact that you need teamwork to level up and make adena. Other MMORGs are based in alot of solo time.

I want to get things straight i am not a reseller, i do not surf this forum to buy cheap toons and adena to resell them at a profit. I hate that! If you are a reseller please do not contact me!

I try to farm as much adena as i can , clean adena not sold from other sellers. The same for the toons, i level my toons from lvl 1 and make the quests needed for class change.

Now from my perspective, I am sure I am safer then others that buy and resell toons and adena.


I am on from 06AM untill 10 PM (GMT+2)

There is a small chance to get me on after 10 PM

I verify this forum at least 2 times /day. It is easyer to get in contact with me via skype.



SKELTH classic

Bounty Hunter lvl 50 CLEAN 47 normal xp scrolls /20 medium xp scrolls  20 days sub  WITH MAIL   

Shillien Elder lvl 51  CLEAN  18 normal xp scrolls  20 days sub  WITH MAIL

Elven Elder lvl 46  CLEAN 47 normal xp scrolls /20 medium xp scrolls/ 2 high xp scrolls no sub  WITH MAIL



Blade Dancer lvl 47 CLEAN  no sub  WITH MAIL SOLD

Bounty Hunter lvl 52 CLEAN   28 days of sub  WITH MAIL SOLD

Shillien Elder lvl 49 C luxury staff /Karmian set / D jewels 28 days of sub  WITH MAIL SOLD

Prophet lvl 47 CLEAN 7 days of sub  WITH MAIL SOLD

Shillien Elder lvl 54 Stick of faith C grade / Karmian SET/ D jewels   10 days sub WITH MAIL SOLD

Bounty Hunter lvl 54 War axe / Brigandine SET +3 / Luxury jewels   10 days sub WITH MAIL SOLD

Shillien Elder lvl 50  mysterious sword C/Karmian set / D jewels      4  days of sub  WITH MAIL SOLD

Skype pkonstyle
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Bought PP 47, it was 46 but i suppose its a misstake and its not important, seller told me DW SB in inventory and it was, helped change all pw, recovery phone number, email from main account, very  pro and nice guy, he has other char to sell so dont hesitate, its very serious

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