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WTS L2Classic.club Archer65,tyrant57,prophet59,gladiator,se,sk,wl Etc Wts

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       Archer               lv65                                                                                        without mail

       Gladiator           lv46                                                                                         with  Email

       Necromancer    lv40         Karmian sett         + C staff   + Luxury jewelry          with  Email

       Tyrant                lv57                                                                                           with  Email
       Elven elder        lv40         Karmina sett         + C staff   + Luxury jewelry          with Email

       Prophet             lv59         Karmian sett                          + Luxury jewelry          with Email

     Shillien Knight     lv41          Compound Armor + C Blunt + Luxury jewelry          with Email

      SWS                   lv41                                                                                          with Email

    Phantom Ranger  lv40                                                                                           with Email

         Archer            lv60         Nake                                                                       with  Email           SOLD
        Warcryer         lv40         SOLD                                                                     with  Email           SOLD

        Prophet          lv56        Karmian sett + C Staff +Luxury jewelry                   with  Email            SOLD

        Tyrant             lv52         Compound Armor  + C fist +Luxury jewelry             with  Email          SOLD

        Archer            lv59                                                                                        without mail           SOLD

       Bishop             lv40         Karmian sett         + C staff   + Luxury jewelry          with Email           SOLD

        + chars

Feel free to inquire and leave a Private message or Skype: takilaszlo90


I can sell accounts with max respect and all Data ( Emailadress, Password,Account ID, Password, PIN)


Best Regards!

Edited by WooDooKa27

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this guy is amazing, if u need a character, buy it to him, if i need another one, i will buy it to him for sure, 


Very good seller ! Had no problem at all, fast & serious. I recommend ;D


trusted seller, bought archer +++ good guy  


Trusted man! All went fine! I dont want make bishop from 0 to 40 with solo target exp :D  I bought BISHOP FOR NICE PRICE! :)  GGGGGggg


Very Good Seller! I think the best on l2classic.club! Trust ++ FAST!++  THANK YOU !


stop replaying to your own topic....

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