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I am looking to buy items / Adena and LVL 99 Chars on NAIA

Items i have interest in .

7s Talisman

Abundance LvL 4

Blessed Antharas / Valakas , Tauti , Earth Wyrm , Lindvior

+10 normal or PVP Eternal LA Set 


I buy adena in bulk .. minimum 10b ... max 50b > if your price is good .. we will discuss pricing .

LvL 99 Chars Interest

I am looking for chars that are on separat accounts and not 2 3 LVL 99 on same account.

I am interested in 3 classes .

Wyn Summoner


Ertheia Mage

Prices will be discussed in private / skype ...




Scammers beware ... you can't touch this ;) , so .. dont lose my time .


You want money .. i want the stuff above ... either that or get lost .

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