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Lineage2Tales.com  (x20 new)


Price 2b  -   2 euro        

Price 5b  -   5 euro       

Price 10b  -   10 euro       

Price 15b  -   15 euro       

Price 25b  -   25 euro       

Stock  90b++  

                                                 VERY Fast Delivery!

                                       Site :   AdenaSmurfs.com 

                                    Skype :   AdenaSmurfs 

                                     Email :   adenasmurfs@hotmail.com


INFO: All you have to do is just order from the website, delivery will take 5-10 minutes maybe in worst case 15 minutes.

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Price 1.5b  -   2 euro        

Price 4b  -   5 euro       

Price 8.5b  -   10 euro       

Price 13b  -   15 euro       

Price 22b  -   25 euro       

Stock  80b++  

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