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Yul ghost sentinel 101lvl (human male)
dual sub othell windrider 94lvl

Talisman Hellfire
Hunter talisman
Venir 7lvl

R95 bless set +99888 light 3x120
PVE bow +8 2xsa +300
Skull edge +10 +300 +sa
chef monkey's belt 
soul tezza, soul aq, tauti ring, pvp stun earring, bless zaken

augumented weapon reflect 3lvl
augumented weapon pvp attack

+7 shiny shirt
+str aria's braclet

+5 str -1 dex fire res +20

str +5
str+5 cha+4

dual subb all with dyes for str as well

jewels: 4lvl ruby, 4lvl opal, 4lvl diamond, 4lvl obsidian.
chaos essence for main char

exalted quest to finish need only sieges, all q done

+1 b adena and conquerror talisman abudance
exp bootle 50h 2598/3000 mana left

turtle ascetic pet
+ pa 15 days ( decreasing every day while its not sold)

skills: hawk eye +10 counter, counter instinct +10 time, tornado shot +10 break, quick shot +10 break, pinpoint shoot +10 break, impact shoot +10 chance, multiple arrow +10 break, heavy arrow rain +10 break, quick evasion +5 distance, phoenix arrow +10 break, dead eye stance +10 shield, rapid fire stance +10 shield, Final ulitmate escape +10 time, quick fire +10 time. 

Selling only all together
Payment only Paypal
If you need Midleman- you paying for him, othervise- Money first with option as gift.

Contact: here or skype: silent.ltu

dual subb all with dyes for str as well


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