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Help! problems with Packet Hack...

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Geia sas paidia... X8es mpika se enan neo serverkai piga na dokimasw to Packet Hack (PHX) me to script tou me ton tropo pou ekane topic o Strike...

Ta ekana ola omos otan patisa telika Social Victory enw 8a eprepe na ginei ++ to item dn egine tpt telika... Oute Disconnect, oute weapon broke oute Sustem Messege TPT!!!!!!

Mporeite na me voi8isete sas parakalw!!!

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Sto topiC t o Strike exei ksexasei to exis :


Prin kaneis check to script (afou exeis balei ta sosta ID stis sostes 8eseis)...

prepei na to exeis kanei SAVE. An dn to exeis kanei auto...

tote ta ID allazoun kai dn menoun auta pou 8es.

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