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Hello MxC,

I want to present to your community our incomming project which is based on Interlude Client and the known L2Pride.

We want to bring back these glory days, to reach that we need new ideas aswell.

So the server will be mostly based on C6 Pride, plus our own modifies.

We are going to be online in the first days of 2017.

Site,Pages are still under constraction.


Follow us on Facebook --> L2Proud FunPage




- General Info

Easy level up to 80.

Maximum subclasses limited to 9.

Limited buffslots.

All the necessary npc's.

Customized Raid/Grand Bosses.

Weekly Sieges and Heroes.









Hunters Village will take place as a solo newbie PVP zone.

Gludin Village as a high PVP zone. Non restrictions.

Auto enchantable items with low rate by earning pvps.

PVP points for the supporters.

Exp gain by pvping.

Killing spree.

Color Name/Title.

PVP skills.


- Economy

Silvers, Golds, True Golds, Pure Silvers, Event Medals, Glittering Medals, Star Diamonds, Star of Destiny.

Farming Zones: Cave of Trials, Primeval Isle.


- Classes

Added skills into some classes.

Highly modified classes and skills.

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Limited buffslots. archer server inc

Since you will have 4-5 different set ups to choose i think it's not gonna be a archer or mage or anything else server.

All the classes will be playable.

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