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Here is my patcher for L2 (only H5 currently).

​The main idea is : never overwrite any previous custom mods.



​Features :

  • ​Buff as Debuff / Buff as Black texture.

For any buff (identified with its Skill ID), set it as Debuff and/or as Black Texture.


  • Animation over caster's head for any skill you want.


​Credits : first part of this http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/204758-h5-patch-talismans-skills-into-player-heads/

​You'll still have to modify with L2Tool the selected Texture.

​You can apply it as many times as you want, for differents skills.


  • ​Taliman and/or Lifestone Icons patch.​


Credits : 2nd part of this http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/204758-h5-patch-talismans-skills-into-player-heads/

​It will create new textures files (Talisman.utx and/or Lifestone.utx) and update the .dat files.

​Java needed (as it's a .jar).

​To find the Skill ID, go here http://l2j.ru/index.php , find your skill, and in the URL, copy the "skid" number. (for example, Skill ID for Nobless is 1323 / http://l2j.ru/index.php?p=19&skid=1323 )

​Sources : ​https://mega.nz/#!nhhRFaqK!G_aT8Xby6dIkIQz-XxBO_apUmVkLbU_qjiJHq62Os7g

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Inside the folder are 3 executables. All of them wont open and say that cant start because libiconv-2.dll is missing.

However i tried the files in the credits and it worked but sadly i cant see my custom cloak in the server.

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Source here : ​https://mega.nz/#!nhhRFaqK!G_aT8Xby6dIkIQz-XxBO_apUmVkLbU_qjiJHq62Os7g



​You'll need to add some extra files before creating the .jar . See README-missing-files.txt in the ressouces folder for more info.

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