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Core Innova:


At the moment in Stock:

Iss hrp 99 lvl   SOLD


Iss doomcryer 99lvl

Have few R99 gear packs for 30days.


ISS hearophant 101 lvl

Dual Titan (96) subs 80/80


Feoh mystic muse 99 33%

Dual Wyn EM 93 lvl / subs 80/80 14 AP points


Iss doomcryer 99lvl

With Mystic Immunity and R-R99 Gear for 30 few packs.


Othell Adventurer(dwarf char) 101

Dual Titan 101 / subs 2x 80

16 Ap points on both main/dual
Skills +5-10
Exalted quest full done
5 Slot bronch
Ruby 4 lvl
Opal 3 lvl
Diamond 3 lvl
Emerald 3 lvl
Red cats eye 2 lvl
Pearl 2 lvl
Tanzite 2 lvl

Elemental shirt +6
Arias barclet +3 str
Fishing faction lvl 4 (+1 luc fish stews)
Taurus/leo agations

Can be traded on core aden


Payment method: Paypal

More information on Skype: Chaosas9878

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