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Maxcheaters.com Advertising Options -- Info Here

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- Maxcheaters Advertising options -


1) Banners in advertisement spots:




Availability and prices here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/store/category/2-advertisements/

2) Sticky your topic:

You can get your topic stickied only in these areas:




Prices and info here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/178113-paid-stickied-topics-list-here-how-to-sticky-your-topic/

3) Text after announcements (at the top) :


60€ / 15 Days (+ 10€ Bold and coloured)
100€ / Month (+ 20€ Bold and coloured)
200€ / 3 Months (+ 1 free VIP Membership) (+ 30€ Bold and coloured)

contact Maxtor here: Link here

4) Popup Banners :

It will popup a banner each time a new member enters maxcheaters.com or subcategories website.



contact Maxtor here: Link here


5) Redirect all maxcheaters visitors to your page:

It will show a countdown redirect script which allow visitors to click on a link to stay on forum, otherwise visit your page.

200€ / 1 Day
ask for more days

contact Maxtor here: Link here


6) Advertising Links:


This option will redirect to your favourite link (server) with your custom title. 




contact Maxtor here: here

7) Background Image:


This image will appear all the time in background everywhere in forum.


8) Other Options:


  • Buy a promotional or verified paypal award *ask for prices
  • Clean or lock your sticky topic *ask for prices

contact Maxtor here: Link here


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