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Share Patched Hauth To Support Multiple Ip Addresses/proxies

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Patched hauthd - supports one server on multiple IP addresses:
Older version ( here: http://download.l2shrine.com/hauthd.exe
What you need is just to add this configuration line with number of your endpoints:
ServerEndpoints = 2

When l2server connects, it takes first n servers with matching internal address from database (where n = ServerEndpoints)

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Yeah I just never could be bothered to set aside the time to do it :D I was using it as incentive to write my own authd but never got that far xD


I was thinking about writing own authd using boost::asio etc and make it possibly multiplatform... but I'm too lazy. It was easier to patch blackbox written in delphi, omg am I normal?

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As ex staff member I recommand this guy for l2 off dev position :)

I totally agree he should be very skilled for such mod in only 1 evening.


eressea Thanks to make my request posible : http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/190503-multi-region-project/


I will contact you for donation for your work and ask you a few questions about usage ,



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