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Platform: High Five Chronicle
Server, and Forum Time : CET


Website: http://l2sphinx.com/

Forum: http://l2sphinx.com/community

System: http://www.4shared.com/zip/HjJDroj7ba/system.html


Start: 30.07.2016 16:00 CET


Donation is voluntary, for the purpose of helping to maintain the server.

Intel i7-4790K 4790K 4,0 GHz
32 GB of RAM
DDR3 1333 MHz
250Mbps bandwidth
Anti DDos Protection


  • Experience (EXP): 6x
  • Skill Points (SP): 6x
  • Adena: 5x
  • Drop Items: 3x
  • Spoil: 3x
  • Boss Drop Items: 2x
  • Grand Boss Drop Items: 1x
  • Weight Limit: 5x
  • Manor: 3x
  • Party EXP & SP: 1.2x
  • Quest reward EXP & SP: 1.2x
  • Quest drop items: 3x
  • Quest rewards: Adena 1.2x, Recipe 2x, Material x4

General information

  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Max. Enchant: 16 For Weapons & Armors
  • Normal Scroll chance: 50%
  • Blessed Scroll chance: 60%
  • Elemental Max. Level: 7
  • Elemental Stone chance: 40%
  • Elemental Crystal chance: 30%
  • Buffs, Dances and Songs Duration: Retail Like
  • Buff Slots: 24
  • Dance and Songs Slots: 12
  • Max. Clients per PC: 4
  • Olympiads Max. Enchant: 6 - if items are enchanted over +6, in olympiad they counted as +6
  • Geodata and Pathnodes


  • All high five zones
  • All high five quests finished and working
  • Territory Wars working retail like
  • Seed of Infinity working retail like
  • Seed of Destruction working retail like
  • Seed of Anihilation working retail like
  • Chamber of Delusion working retail like
  • Seed of Destruction working retail like
  • Seed of Infinity working retail like
  • Kamaloka instaces working retail like
  • Pailaka instances working retail like
  • Crystal Caverns working retail like
  • Tower of Naia working retail like
  • Steel Citadel working retail like
  • Tully's Workshop working retail like
  • Hellbound Town working retail like
  • Fortress/Castle working retail like
  • All G.Rbs quests working retail like (respawn window 1hr)


  • Auto Learn Skills
  • Auto Loot except RB's
  • Sub-Class without Quest
  • Nobless with Quest
  • Sub-Class Max. Level: 80
  • Class Master


  • Ranking System
  • Achivements System
  • Vote Reward System
  • Champions System
  • Wedding System
  • Events System
  • Offline Shop
  • Announce Raid Boss kill


  • Achivement Manager
  • Bug Reporter
  • Class Master
  • Castle Manager
  • Grand Boss - respawn time
  • Casino Manager - 40% chance to double bet (100k,200k,500k bets)
  • Vote Manager
  • Delevel Manager


  • Anti DDos Protection
  • Core Protection System
  • Captcha anti bot-enchant system

Automated Events

  • Team vs Team
  • Capture the flag
  • Domination
  • Mass Domination
  • DeathMatch
  • Last man standing
  • Advanced Team vs Team
  • Lucky chests
  • Battlefields
  • Mini Events like 1vs1 and team fights

Event Scheme buffer
.register and .unregister commands

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Mostly cosmetic like hats. Some runes for xp sp drop , premium acc with 50% increased xp sp droprate.


Would like as well announce soon we moving on deditacted machine, we will post message on website as well new system will be required to connect test server.

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@JohnBoy13, It's a point to open mid or high rate where it's lots of them? Dont think so :-)


Please check our forum, section events with one will take place after server open.


All player participating in the beta are eligible to obtain reward after open server. Please contact with me by send private message on ( http://l2sphinx.com/community ) forum, with name account and character with one been created on Beta Server, just do it after open L2Sphinx.



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We have some problem with domain, been suspended for 24hrs. Should be soon back. If you would connect please download from this link system: http://www.4shared.com/zip/HjJDroj7ba/system.html

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