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Lol Accounts for Sale are available at Gamestore.live

Wtb LoL account? League of Legends accounts are easy to find on Internet, there is no secret about it. But there are not many places where you can buy LoL account without being fooled or banned in the process of the game.



GameStore.live is the place where one can easily buy a hand-leveled account of any price range and pay for it through safe payment system. Are you afraid, that you will have to wait for you login and password for too long? This is not our case. GameStore provides the customers with instant delivery – you can play right after you pay. Do you want to learn more about this great service and buy an account? Then this message is for you.



Getting My LoL Account at GameStore: What to Expect

League of Legends is a popular game and a great cyber sport.  GameStore.live is a popular web-store where you can buy an account for League of Legends (or simply LoL).


Smurf accounts and 30 level accounts with many benefits are waiting for you here. At GameStore.live we have the whole variety of champions and skins, rare included. You can buy and change names for LoL account. Or even sell LoL account later, if you like.


How Much Is My Lol Account Worth?

Of course, you have questioned yourself about the value of LoL account.  Let`s check what do you get in one LoL account from GameStore:

-           A level (from 1 to 30)

-           Champions

-           Skins

-           Rune Pages.

All of them are hand-leveled. It means that you will find LoL accounts, buy them, and spend amount from 3 to 873 dollars, and don`t think of being banned. So if you made up your mind about the account, you can buy it at GameStore.live.



The risks you take ordering your account

Buying the account at GameStore the only risk you take is to become too fond of our service.  It is easy to become a fan of it, because we give you:

·       Secure payment system G2A

·       Instant delivery

·       Mail-tied accounts

·       Amazing choice

·       Frequent sales

·       Customer support 24/7.

GameStore.live is a trustworthy place to buy a League of Legends account. Just try it right now.   

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