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L2Sensus Reborn 8/7/2016




About Server:



* Active Staff

* Flawless Geodata

* All items on GM Shop  With Adena

* No corruptions

* Auto Learn all Skills

* Grade Penalty On

* 100% Uptime

* Unique Farm Zones

* All flood protections

* Retail Raid Bosses


Sensus Enchant Rate:


* Normall Enchant Scroll: +0  to +12 100%

* Normall Enchant Scroll: +12 to +16 50%

* Crystal Enchant Scroll: +12 to +16 100%




Sensus Farm Area:



* Hot Springs: 4 Spot PvE/PvP

* Primeval Island: 3 Spot PvP/PvE

* Pagan Temple:Clan Farm Area






Sensus Raid Bosses:



* Heroic Boss: 6hours Respawn


* Anays Raid: 2hours Respawn

* Ember Raid: 2hours Respawn

* Sailren Raid:2hours Respawn

* Barakiel Raid: 2hours Respawn

* Death Lord Raid: 2hours Respawn





* For More Information Download the our Server and Enjoy your time in: L2 Sensus.






Edited by SensusTeam

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When you steal a website you need to remove some lines if you dont want to be in evidence.




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GL  :dat:

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I Remember one Server L2 Sensus before a 4 years is the same server?


Yes My friend is the same team the same project like the old L2Sensus but with a lot of new updates!


giati milas ston eauto sou?


Xranger he was in our team when we tried to open again the l2sensus before 1 year!

Ti Enoeis?




Exactly XRanger it was with us when we tried to open again the L2Sensus but the server gone down!


xaxaxaxa eklapsa/.

Btw fail mirizomai..


I Dont know what you smelling but you can try the Server 5/7 july in beta mode and then 8/7 July with the Grand Opening!

Edited by SensusTeam

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