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Share Myext64 - My New Opensource Gracia Final/epilogue Extender

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I'm writing a brand new Gracia Final/Epilogue extender, if you want to try it or have a look at sources, I'll put some development versions here: it's hosted on bitbucket.   https://osamelahora.cz/MyExt64/ https://bitbucket.org/l2shrine/extender-public   Now it does almost nothing but I'll add some new stuff over time... I'm adding new stuff over time :)   MyExt64 What is MyExt64 MyExt64 is new opensource extender for l2off Gracia Final server (l2_off_gracia_

Hi, please try it and let me know if it works, I don't have enough time to test it now :/ https://bitbucket.org/l2shrine/extender-public/commits/d45cf9fa0126fb02bc4f4ae2c89d1cc78a2aedb4

Guytis it is sorta amazing how butthurt you appear to be, continously making useless troll or trash talk posts. I'm impressed you appear to hate MasterToma so much. Hats off to him really for causing you to look like such an emo jackass.   You sir are one of a kind, exactly the kind of person Maxcheaters needs around here...    Really though, are there any moderators here to help take out the trash arond here?  This thread hijacking nonsense is a little silly.

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You need VS2005 with 64bit support

u have download link?


I found the installer 64x



Solved :D




i have this error to compile



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Thank you for the patch!


Now another problem. When I play I try to talk to any NPC server goes down. Disconnect Server!


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Show me your LinError.txt


Crashed Thread[1]
void __cdecl CServerSocket::OnClose(void)
Line : 7228 
Server Up Time : Tue Nov 15 01:14:00 2016
Current Time  : Tue Nov 15 01:31:47 2016
Elapsed Time  : 0 days 0 hours 17 minutes 47 seconds
IOBufferPool - 79997 / 80000,  PendingWrite 1151 bytes (0 buffer count) 
Detail IO Buffer Pool Size for each Thread
(0) : Free(19999) / Total(20000)
(1) : Free(19999) / Total(20000)
(2) : Free(19999) / Total(20000)
(3) : Free(20000) / Total(20000)
=============== object report 
user[1], npc[39207]
[CurrentThreadId : 3940   Current Time : 2016/11/15 01:31:47]  =========
an Access Violation in module L2NPC.exe at 0033:0x000000000042B142.
start at 2016/11/15 01:13:58
Write to location 0x0000000000000000 caused an access violation.
1 Registers:
RAX=0x0000000000000000 CS=0033 RIP=0x000000000042B142 EFLGS=0x0000000000010246
RBX=0x0000000000030D08 SS=002b RSP=0x00000000A280FCE8 RBP=0x0000000000400000
RCX=0x3E908AB487DE0000 DS=002b RSI=0x00000000A38A69A0 FS=0053
RDX=0x000000000000002D ES=002b RDI=0x00000000BC6CF084 GS=002b
R08=0x0000000000000001 R12=0x0000000000030F78
R09=0x0000000000000000 R13=0x0000000000400000
R10=0x0000000000000039 R14=0x0000000000030F78
R11=0x0000000000000064 R15=0x0000000000000000
Bytes at CS:RIP:
c6 00 01 c3 cc cc 48 81 ec 08 01 00 00 48 8d 05 
Stack dump:
00000000A280FCE8: 005822f3 00000000 00000006 00000000 0063fa50 00000000 00001c3c 00000000
00000000A280FD08: 00000000 00000000 bc6cf084 00000000 00000040 00000000 fffffffe ffffffff
00000000A280FD28: 330ad184 00000001 00400000 00000000 00030f78 00000000 00030d08 00000000
00000000A280FD48: a38a69a0 00000000 bc6cf084 00000000 0041fe85 00000000 a280feb8 00000000
00000000A280FD68: fd285836 000007fe 007690f8 00000000 0046d939 00000000 023cceed 00000000
00000000A280FD88: 00030ce4 00000000 fffffffe ffffffff 005ab524 00000000 00000000 00000000
00000000A280FDA8: a38a69a0 00000000 023cd21a 00000000 00030ce4 00000000 bc6cf084 00000000
00000000A280FDC8: 00422963 00000000 00000001 00000000 00470c2c 00000000 48103198 00000000
00000000A280FDE8: a38a69a0 00000000 00000032 00000000 a38a69a0 00000000 00000000 00000000
00000000A280FE08: 00470efc 00000000 6ff40e71 01d23ec4 00989680 00000000 00000000 00000000
GuardInfo : 
IOThread [0][0 ms] (good):  void IOThread_common(void *arglist)
Lock Stack : 
IOThread [1][1015 ms] (ahehe):  void IOThread_common(void *arglist) -> void __cdecl CIOSocketEx<class CIOBufferEx<16384> >::Close(void) -> void __cdecl CServerSocket::OnClose(void) -> server socket closed
Lock Stack : 
IOThread [2][47 ms] (good):  void IOThread_common(void *arglist)
Lock Stack : 
IOThread [3][16 ms] (good):  void IOThread_common(void *arglist)
Lock Stack : 
PremiumThread [8][37541375 ms] (good):  
Lock Stack : 
GIPThread [9][37541375 ms] (good):  
Lock Stack : 
LogThread [12][1052250 ms] (good):  
Lock Stack : 
PerfMonThread [13][37541375 ms] (good):  
Lock Stack : 
MainThread [14][37541390 ms] (good):  
Lock Stack : 
ListenThread [15][140 ms] (good):  void __cdecl NPCServer::Run(void) -> unsigned __stdcall WaitThread(void *)
Lock Stack : 
GuardInfo end 
Call stack:
Address   Frame     Function            SourceFile
0x000000000042B142  0x00000000A280FCE0  
0x00000000005822F3  0x00000000A280FD50  
0x000000000041FE85  0x00000000A280FDC0  
0x0000000000422963  0x00000000A280FE00  
0x0000000000470EFC  0x00000000A280FE90  
0x000000000047102D  0x00000000A280FEC0  
0x00000000004710B3  0x00000000A280FEF0  
0x00000000005EADB7  0x00000000A280FF20  
0x00000000005EAE8F  0x00000000A280FF50  
0x0000000076EF652D  0x00000000A280FF80  
0x000000007702C521  0x00000000A280FFD0  
[(3940) 2016/11/15 01:31:47]: *.\ioc.cpp:763(Mon Feb 16 11:56:37 2009) exception

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