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Everything has been sold!

WTS the following items on Innova Core server for euro or adena

  • +6 blessed eternal robe set recovery type 3x120 SOLD
  • +4 blessed apocalypse retributer acumen/empower 300 water attribute SOLD
  • +4 apocalypse caster buster body/hp acumen 300 wing attribute SOLD
  • outlaw talisman SOLD
  • +4 beleth's ring SOLD
  • +4 orfen's soul earring SOLD
  • 1044 gemstone r-grade SOLD
  • +4 special resistance earring - stun SOLD
  • +4 special resistance ring - dark SOLD
  • +4 special magic ornament eternal belt - pvp defense SOLD
  • +3 pirate's eyepatch CON with cat ear apperance SOLD

PM me here with your offer / question.


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