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Character is from first owner on Innova Core server:

Iss Sword Muse main lvl 100 / Aeore Eva's Saint dual lvl 87

  • the character is naked but has the starter Immortal Heavy armor
  • 16 AP
  • 18.000+ PA points
  • 15 vitality potions (8 what gives 3 slots, 6 what gives 1 slot and 1 vitality maintaning potion)
  • agathion - xp bottle (50 hours) 2160/3000
  • replica tiara
  • noblesse tiara
  • only songs are enchanted for +2 times
  • shadow dualsword / shadow retributer
  • requiem dualsword with 1 sa and 150 attribute
  • istina bracelet CON
  • some other stuff in wh (Daily coins, CP/HP/MP potions, Bottle of Istina Soul, Istina/Octavis Crystals, Energy of destruction so on)

Another characters on the account:

  1. Eviscerator main lvl 85 (Immortal Light Armor + Requiem Fighter)
  2. Sayha's Seer main lvl 85 / Tyrr Titan dual lvl 85 (Immortal Heavy Armor + Requiem Slasher)
  3. Not awaken characters (all ertheia): 60 and 73

Price: 50 euro
Paying via Paypal
For my skype you can ask in private message


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