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WTS [Skelth] Adena 0.2e, Chars 78-80, Great Sword+16, Drake+8

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Good day, cheaters :)


WTS Adena 0.2e / 1kk, stock 1000kk+


WTS Chars:   

  • 250e Dooomcryer 80 (male)
  • 50e   Eva's Saint 78+ (female)
  • 100e Shilien Saint 79+ (female)          
  • 50e   Dreadnought 78+ (male)     
  • 100e Ghost Sentinel 79+ (female)
  • 50e   Grand Khavatari 79.5+ (male)    
  • 75e   Titan 79+ (male)         
  • 100e Shillen Templar 79+ (male)                       


WTS Items:                 

  • 300e Great Sword +16     
  • 100e Drake Set +8      


All characters have all skills learned/maxed, empty acc data, lot of XP boosters etc.

All weapons have good or amazing augumentations.

All prices debatable, good discount for bulk buyers.


All questions, offers and prices in skype: notdvp

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I made several negotiations and all 100% ok.
all the time I respotas and top quality service.
Can trust 100% on this guy, if you want more recommendations about him on the negotiations, I am available.

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Good day, cheaters :)


WTS characters on Skelth (EU Classic).

All characters are legit, don't have registration info in profile, never was banned.

All chars can be sold stripped or weared in any equip.

  • Necromancer 68 (HOT!)
  • Spell Singer 66 (HOT!)       
  • Sorcerer 66 (HOT!)       
  • Prophet 66  (NEW!)   
  • Shillen Elder 62  
  • Shillen Elder 60
  • Sword Singer 63
  • Bounty Hunter 55  
  • Bounty Hunter 54
  • Warlord 54
  • Elven Elder 53
  • Sorcerer 43 (NEW!)   
  • Temple Knight 40 
  • Silver Ranger 43
  • Phantom Ranger 43
  • Tyrant 43
  • Warlord 43
  • Bishop 42
  • Overlord 42 


Accepting PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney.


All questions and prices in skype: wts_skelth

hello do you have any paladin high lvl for sale ? about 54 ++ ?  pm me

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