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Best Time To Play?

Best time to play?  

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  1. 1. As a lineage player, when do you have the most time/prefer a server to open?Multiple choise

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Saying disgraceful things without presenting any proof to back them up ,is, and let me quote you ,,BULLSHIT''.The fact is, you don't know if the population
is spread evenly throughout the year or not, I don't know either , but at least I have this poll going on ,and after a long period of time it will generate
a decent answer, hopefully .I would be fucking happy to be proven wrong , and see that in the end the population is faithful to the game regardless the
time of year it is played.
Then you suggested summer may be the season to go, again, without generating any proof whatsoever.I am sorry if i am mistaken on this, but i guess 
your argument might have sounded something like this: [you know ,little kids have vacation in summer and they can sit all day and play].Well again
i am sorry but i don't think little kids are the target audience a good server should acquire, and also i am fairly positive that the lineage base
is mostly composed of old die-hard players.The counter argument is that people will not invest time in the summer-time because there are far better 
things to do that sitting around all day. 
The fact is ,everything we say at this point its just speculation. You haven't said anything productive , smart or even at least good on this topic
because you didn't want to, or even more likely, because you can't. I think you are an uneducated , mean, little greek kid,your vocabulary reflects that, that fact 
that you turned this( i might add , a very good question) into a flame section  , certainly reflects that.Feel free to comment everything you want next , but
i am not going to respond to you anymore, period.



So why are you promoting that shite l2osiris? Good servers with international communities have good activity at all times. High rate pvp servers have better activity when they start after their wipes and slowly decline till the next wipe, same goes to good low rates, only it's supposed to happen much more slowly. When you're playing gold shite copies the best time is December to February IF the server survives for more than 2 weeks. Is speculation so hard for you?

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    •   Hello, i want to ask, i have web host on , and i have issue, i install online script and gameserver online, offline. none works script, what to do i tested on vps host works fine, on free webhost also works fine, please help i try fixs this issue 2days already.. :/
    • i want it to check the drop  and stats from monsters ... what can i do make it to work only at l2monsters ?
    • Before all this / after gm check, under else if it's for player, but I guess it's not the place you are looking for. Most likely you want to make a shift click to check monster stats, drop. If so, then it's wrong place. 
    • on PTS servers you cant see it 
    •   where i use that ? /**      * Manage and Display the GM console to modify the L2NpcInstance (GM only).<BR>      * <BR>      * <B><U> Actions (If the L2PcInstance is a GM only)</U> :</B><BR>      * <BR>      * <li>Set the L2NpcInstance as target of the L2PcInstance player (if necessary)</li> <li>Send a Server->Client packet MyTargetSelected to the L2PcInstance player (display the select window)</li> <li>If L2NpcInstance is autoAttackable, send a Server->Client packet StatusUpdate to the      * L2PcInstance in order to update L2NpcInstance HP bar</li> <li>Send a Server->Client NpcHtmlMessage() containing the GM console about this L2NpcInstance</li><BR>      * <BR>      * <FONT COLOR=#FF0000><B> <U>Caution</U> : Each group of Server->Client packet must be terminated by a ActionFailed packet in order to avoid that client wait an other packet</B></FONT><BR>      * <BR>      * <B><U> Example of use </U> :</B><BR>      * <BR>      * <li>Client packet : Action</li><BR>      * <BR>      * @param client The thread that manage the player that pessed Shift and click on the L2NpcInstance      */     @Override     public void onActionShift(final L2GameClient client)     {                 // Get the L2PcInstance corresponding to the thread         L2PcInstance player = client.getActiveChar();         if (player == null)             return;                  final L2Weapon currentWeapon = player.getActiveWeaponItem();                  // Check if the L2PcInstance is a GM         if (player.getAccessLevel().isGm())         {             // Set the target of the L2PcInstance player             player.setTarget(this);                          // Send a Server->Client packet MyTargetSelected to the L2PcInstance player             // The player.getLevel() - getLevel() permit to display the correct color in the select window             MyTargetSelected my = new MyTargetSelected(getObjectId(), player.getLevel() - getLevel());             player.sendPacket(my);             my = null;                          // Check if the player is attackable (without a forced attack)             if (isAutoAttackable(player))             {                 // Send a Server->Client packet StatusUpdate of the L2NpcInstance to the L2PcInstance to update its HP bar                 StatusUpdate su = new StatusUpdate(getObjectId());                 su.addAttribute(StatusUpdate.CUR_HP, (int) getCurrentHp());                 su.addAttribute(StatusUpdate.MAX_HP, getMaxHp());                 player.sendPacket(su);                 su = null;             }                          // Send a Server->Client NpcHtmlMessage() containing the GM console about this L2NpcInstance             NpcHtmlMessage html = new NpcHtmlMessage(0);
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