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We are proud to announce that we are bringing back our wonderful and grand 5x low rates server.

As always, we are keeping our tradition with no p2w and no bots. We want to offer you our mature and friendly community with fun and unforgetable gameplay, which would remind you of good old times.

We are planning to launch our server on 19/03/2016. The beta will start next week, so be ready for some testing.

Gather your friends, sharpen your blades and minds for this amazing adventure.



You can read “About Us” here, there is everything you need to know: http://www.bloodbros.net/?page_id=9


Main Information:

Server Platform: L2OFF

Server Chronicle: Interlude (c6)

Start: 2016/March/19 16:00:01


Game Rates:

* XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil (Chance): x5

* Materials amount rate: x2

* Manor Drop: Retail


Quest Rates:

* XP/SP Reward: x5

* Item/Adena Reward: x1/x5

* Seven Signs XP/SP Reward: x5

* Quest Item Drop Rate: x1

* Quest Materials rewards: x1

Retail enchants, safe +3 / +4 one-piece armor, max +20.



Newbie gun Cat

Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks

Increased item give rates for vital quests: x2



Offline shop

Auto-pickup enabled. (Herbs/Raids/PK/Player excluded)


Dual boxing policy:

One box and two offline shop allowed at the same time.

That means you can play with your main account, one extra box (eg a buffer) and have two offline shop in-game.


Gameplay Security:

* Anti-Bot System.

* Anti-Dupe Protections.

* Anti-Exploit Protections.

* Anti-DDOS System [Protects Against Massive Socket Flooding].


Custom Addons:

Service NPC (Class Change/Hair potions/Accessories)


Automated Events:

* Standard Retail events every few months.




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Now that's retail back,with a great advertise it has a lot of potential.You should open this in Summer time and not on March.Unlikely,me and my friends we won't be able to log in such a server during this time of season.If you are still on on summertime we're in for sure.Just think about it,i think on summertime youcan collect a great of number amount online.

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Envillion get right. Summer time will be best for grandopening but anyway the question is ''90% players is old sql and much of us get familiy , work.. people gonna get time for play on low rate's? Maybe people miss to play on low rates..?

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Well, our experience showed that starting up in the summer time or close to it was not a success. Main reason being that most players are having a holiday, taking a rest camping and so instead of sitting near PC and playing while its hot and beautiful evening outside the window. And we're aiming for long stay, so you can join later. ;)

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We are happy to announce that the beta testing is already launched. Please test our server and share your ideas, suggestions in the forum. Server rates in Beta will be the same as in Live version -x5, if you need level up, items or adena, just ask GM for a lift. If you cant find GM in game, post in forum shoutbox, and one of them will help you asap.

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Will try it out, lets hope the community will get big enough :)! good luck!

This month is full of mid-rates and l2mid is coming on april,to me this retail gameplay is great,but most of people will be in other servers.Consider my opinion about opening summertime and think about it.

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He open it when he wants to open he does not care about who else is opening in this period so good job for him, he has another community, nobody that play on dex/mid will play bloodbros because they play just buffer and full gm shop servers.


Gl dude it's a old server, should get a decent number of players.

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everyone will play dex in march, come april l2mid, so why not just open in may?

Thats what i meant too above,end of may-starting june days would be perfect,but anyways i think they already took their decision.

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