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Soultaker noblesse skills MAX +30/15 active/passive Olf +8

  • Set Elegia Robe [PvP] +8 lvl7 attribute
    Set Vesper Robe Foundation [PvP] +8 lvl7 attribute 
  • B.Freya +8
    Zaken +8
    Vorpal Earing +8
    2x Vorpal Ring +8
  • Veniplant Sword Acumen[PvP] +10 lvl 7 attribute INT+1 Passive Wild Magic 
  • Top Cloak / Belt PvP Def +8
  • And more
  • Price 80 euro

Cardinal noblesse skills +15/20 active/passive Olf +7 

  • Set Vorpal Robe [PvP] +6 60 attribute (main 120 attribute) 
  • B.Freya +7
    2x Vorpal Earing +4
    2x Vorpal Ring +4
  • Dynasty Mace Foundation Acumen[PvP] +7 lvl 7 attribute INT+1 Passive Heal Empower
  • Top Cloak/ Belt PvP Def +6
  • And More
  • Price 30 euro

NEW Archmage noblesse skills MAX +30/15 active/passive Olf +6

  • Elegia Robe Set [PvP] +6 lvl 7
  • Rising Star Acumen [PvP] +10 lvl 7 Fire with +1 int and passive Wild Magic
  • Blessed Freya +6
  • Zaken Earing +6
  • Oly Earing
  • Tones of Talisman (Ready for Olympiad also many Oly. Tokens)
  • 30 Saga Coins
  • Approximately 150 bil of adena in items
  • Top Cloak / PvP Defense Belt +6
  • And More
  • For more Details Pm me
  • Price 70 euro 



Pm me here for more informations about items or prices





For Adena , send pm here about how many you want and i will answer you as quick as i can about price !

Price start 0.10/1kkk 


Trustworthy seller, quick delivery. Reccomended!



very trusted , good comunication , fast tranfer !
Thx For the gift also.


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