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WTS Wts@core: Iss Hierophant Lv. 101 16Ap (~45%) / Dualclass: Othell Lv. 100 16Ap

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WTS account (server: CORE)
MainClass: Iss Hierophant lv. 101 16AP (~45%) /DualClass: Othell lv. 100 16AP (clean toon w/o gear)
DYE ISS: 3x Lv3 Legendary CON (CHA)
DYE Othell: none
Skill enchant ISS: Mostly all +10 except - mass transform, DM, sonatas&buffs
Skill enchant OTHELL: Shadow chase +10, all blows +10
SHIRT: +6 Pa'agrio shirt
Bracelets: Aria's Bracelet CON/DEX/STR
Brooch Jewels: Obsidian/Pearl/Diamond/Ruby lv3
Offhand weapons with augment:
Active Reflect
Active Magic Refresh
Active All skill Refresh
Miscs on main toon:
XP boosters (scrolls/potions), Epic jewel Pack (7days), Joon Aghation
Other toons on same ACC:
Wynn 99 / Titan 99 (12AP) (event Gear)
and 5 other ~lv.85 toons for ZAKEN/FREYA/FRINTEZZA (with event gear)
For more info send me a pm.
Payment: ONLY SKRILL or bank transfer.
OFFERS in EURO only, not interested in adena or items.
End price : 180 euro
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