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Guide My Season 6 Top Lane Picks.

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Gnar: This Champ got almost everything, kite , mobility , cc , health shred, poke.Early he is pretty weak but you can kite mostly any other top laner in early game and he can easily avoid any gank if you abuse correctly his double jump. In mid game due to his Q reset he is a heavy split pusher and you can apply constant pressure to your lane , enemy jungle or even the mid lane. Last , on late he isnt the best but his ult is a major fact to win most of  the teamfights.


My rating:8/10




Jax: Theres no many things to say about him. Lane bully , hard cc and he can duel almost anyone, strong carry. In early game Jax is weak, mana-reliant and he can easily be harassed , so focus on farm till level 6 . In mid game you can bash everyones faces with the lamppost, his magic and physical damage can shred anyone in the game. In late game he can literally fight the whole enemy team on his own. Just be aware in teamfights do not be the one to engage first , let the tanks go in and you can mop up the floor.


My rating:9/10




Renekton: Too strong in early game.Mobility , tanky , hard CC , he can easily avoid ganks. Once you hit level 3 and you have all 3 of your abilities you can win almost all of early trades. Just be aware to not waste your fury for nothing. Mid game another phase where renekton is super strong. He can easily tower dive with his ult and CC. Target mostly the carries since in mid game they are not strong enough to shred you in your ult. Late game if your team is capable of fighting , try to pick fights favorable positions. If not try to split push with some wards in you so you can relieve some pressure in your team.


My rating:8/10



Malphite: Literally a solid rock in top lane. Hard CC , game decide champ , Wrecks AD teams. Nothing much to do in early game , try to not push till level 6 or wait for your jungler to come. You can easily trade due to your passive so if your in front in trades you can easily shred the enemy with your combo. In mid game there is where the rock really shines. Try to seek some teamfights or fights near the dragon. In late no one can shred this rock. Try to hit as many as possible with your ult in teamfights or if your team is behind just focus on the carries for an easy kill.


My rating: 9/10



Gangplank: Do not mess with this pirate. Hard to be CCed , strong poke , global pressence. In early game focus on farm , because its really important for him to upgrade his ultimate. When you hit level 6 , keep an eye on the map and get ready to drop your ultimate where is needed. In mid-late game you should roam a lot to lanes the need some help or to push with your team. He can melt anyone that comes near him with less that 150 armor. In teamfights stay near the enemy carries and shred them with your barrels.


My rating: 8/10

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