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interlude [L2J] Euro-Pvp


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What awaits you at the start :
All characters appearing in the standard locations.
In all places, the appearance arranged all the necessary services .
All the characters appear with TOP NG equippment.
The new characters start in game with a small capital .
What awaits you on the server :
High-quality assembly, which corresponds to the official server Interlude
Server Rates XP: 100x, SP: 100x, Drop Adena: 1x, Drop Items: 20x, Spoil: 25x, Quest: 15x, Raid 10x.
Live economics rate Adena x1! All prices are indexed according to our rate.
Premium Account: bonuses : XP, SP, Adena - 2x, Items - 40x, Spoil - 50x, Quest - 15x, Raid - 15x.
Unique Auction in the game, the server will make the market more advanced and relevant.
Unique in-game mail between characters , the ability to trade on " the protection (code ) ."
Unique secondary character password protection ! Read more .
Unique Buffer, Shop, Profession.
Unique community panel ALT + B.
Unique EVENT "Fight Club ."
Respawn of Raid Boss - like official server !
In drop of all raidbosses added custom items(Euro Coins) euromoney.png
Respawn Noblesse RaidBoss - 3 hours + - 30 minutes.
Raid Boss respawn on the ally quest - 12-24 hours!
Qualitative Geodata and geo -based platform that will add to the comfort of the game .
Getting a profession or as an NPC in the ALT + B.
Convenience store to B Grade . Recipes for A grade agr.png you can get for Euro Coins euromoney.pngthat fall from above level 78 mobs at 5% probability .
It is also available in the store , " Mammon " with all its functions .
The server is great and have convenient buffer to store the profiles and buff pets.
Shots soul.png Arrows arrov.png us endless , you do not need to buy them !
Server have champions mobs system 5x hp and enchanced performance.
Under BUFF 36 slots available , all BUFF lasts 2 hours .
Implemented and available offline sales and craft.
Trip command experience, automatic call , chat .
On our server, you don't need to worry about the portability of things your character ! Things we did does not have weight! Ditto for things available to you 250 slots in invertory .
Chance of enchant simple scrolls - 60 % on all items. Chance of enchant blessed scrolls - 65 % on all items. Maximum of enchant weapons +16, +14 armor and jewelry .
The maximum number of allowed Subclasses - 5 without taking the quest !
While using the command  "/unstuck" - only 15 seconds .
The number of recovered MPmanapoint.png potion at a time - 500 .
Unique TVT, CTF, and 2 more copyright opening event .
Legendary tournament 1 v 1 in automatic mode! Read more .
Now you do not need to finish the fully noblesse quest . Some items are available in the GM-Shop noobles.png
The best protection against all kinds of programs .
Protection against hacking of your accounts ! Binding system to IP / Hwid.
Olympiad period on our server - month. After first hero one more time in two week , anti- cheat points. Max enchant for olympiad is +6 for all items !
A chance to get a weapon skill of PM : TOP - 7 %; HIGH -5 %; MID - 3 %; Life - 1%.
Sieges every 2 weeks.
   Static Respawn Epic Raid Bosses:
At the start of the server, all Epic Bosses will be dead. The countdown will begin their spawn from January 15 at 20:00 GMT+3 Moscow Time
All Epic bosses have level 80.
Approximate time with a spread of + /- 60 minutes. Time is indicated by MSK.




On our server there is a unique auction in the game that will make the game more enjoyable and advanced.
Auction - a place where you can buy items that players put up for sal
GM Shop - This NPC you can find weapons, armor up in grade, pacifiers, jewelry, recipes. It located in any city
Alt + B - is the Quick Access Toolbar, whether where you will have access to the store, teleport that will help you to play comfortably in our project. 
Buffer - This npc, you can choose a set of passive ability that will give more attack speed, running, strength, etc.
Call this menu command, you can .menu
.epic - Statistics epic bosses
.acp - Automatic use of cans Greater CP Potion gcp.png
.offline - Activate the offline trade
Shift + click - Checking on robot.
Ctrl + LMB "left mouse button" - is activated automatically use CP / HP / MP cans a75c879877e5e46dcc93d8938e73cbd2.png


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