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WTS [Wts] Adena On Core / And Chars 100+

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Adena stock: 15b   17e/1b  /78b was sold

More adena will be in stock soon.

last edit date: 12 .05.16
Write post or send pm 


I can seperate adenas and make small trades if u want to be trust me more


I sold items chars and adena on forum before u can check it.


Please dont ask adenas first, I accept only friends/family payments.


Cause bumping issue Im going to merge my other topics



WTS 2 CHARS, Lv 100 othell ghost hunter, and lv 100 shillien temper (lv 101 titan dual)



WTS LV 100 OTHELL, detailed info below, for original link http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/199229-wts-eu-core-lv-100-ghost-hunter/?do=findComment&comment=2528616


Prices cheap for chars- contact for price or offers


main class: lv 100 %18.70 ghost hunter

dual class: lv 96 titan

subclass 1: lv 80

subclass 2: lv 78


other chars in acc: lv 83 archer and lv 78 mage


sp:3b + 

ap points: 16/16


fame: 79k r aid points: 1932    pa points: 35k+   mentee coins:17k+ mark of battle:2k+   some daily and steel door coins warp crystal:330

10x octavis crystal 9x istina crystal, 18x trace kartia


Have coloured title from l2store.



quests: exalted lv 1 done

exalted lv 2 in process ( beleth and 48k mentee coin quests done) only easy parts left for exalted lv 2


dyes: 2x  dex +4, cha +3,  1x str +4 , cha +3


brooch jewels: emerald lv 4, obsidian lv2, diamond lv 3, pearl lv 3


talismans: talisman-desire


bracelets: arias bracelet: dex,str,con (all have)


tshirts:  +7 reflect attack tshirt (m.def +15,spped+7,max hp/mp +536,attr resistance +24, dex,str,con,men,int,wit +3,  p.def +%8, received p.crt dmg -%12, %7 reflect chance)

also 1x clean eva and shiny elemantal shirt


other items, pots etc


2x rare accesory box 7d (chance to get one bless anthy,valakas,tauti etc for 7d) 

4x   birthday vitality potion 1h,  (same like breeze paagrio)  1x vitality maintaining pot 10m, 4x vitality tonic (replenish 1bar vp)

1x joyful vitality pack  (10x happy b.day vit pots) , 4x exp buff %50, 8x scroll summon:ponomo (gives %30 exp)  6x toy knight scroll (%30exp) 10x toy knights poison and faith scroll, 6x freya scroll


and some simple items





WTS LV 100 SHILLIEND TEMPLAR WİTH LV 101 TİTAN DUAL CLASS, detailed info blow, for original link http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/200528-wts-eu-core-lv-100-shillien-templar-101-titan-farm-machine/?do=findComment&comment=2538045


Race D.elf
Main class: lvl 100 %48.-- Siqel shillien Knight  
Dual class: With 101skills  Titan    (Now 100 %99.75 For drops)
Main and Dual with Full Ap skill's
Subs 80'S
Other chars in acc: 6x 85 -87 zaken chars
Quests:  last exalted lvl3   need 2x siege   10/6  ( 4 mark of valor need)
Main dye sigel knight 3x con+3 str-1
Dual Dye  Titan  str +4 cha +3    str +5 dex -2
Brooch jewels: Ruby lvl 4 Emerald lv 4, obsidian lvl3 , diamond lv 3, pearl lv 3
 Active and Pasive reflect agument on  C grade  health weapons, 
 Active  Pvp patk  on c  grade weapon,  
Active agument clarity on c grade weapon, 
Active Silent move on c grade weapon,  
Active reflesh  skil (renewal style) on c grade weapon, 
Talismans: talisman-hellfire
Bracelets: arias bracelet:  str,con (all have) And Some octa istina  crystals
Mask : Con Pdef Mdef Patk 
 Other items, pots etc.....
3x   Birthday vitality potion 1h,  (same like breeze paagrio)  1x vitality maintaining pot 10m,         14x Vitality tonic (replenish 1bar vp)   Nevit 3x1h %50 xp                                                                   15x FREYA Frozen scrolls
16x Pomana event Scrolls,    5x  Toy Knight  Scroll Faith/Passion/challenge(%30xpsp)
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