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Exp : 500x
Sp : 1000x
Adena : 1000x
Drop : 10x

Safe Enchant : +5
Maximum Enchant : +16
Normal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +15) : 50%
Blessed Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +15) : 90%
Crystal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +16) : 40%

Interlude NO CUSTOM
Server Platform: L2J

Easy Farm
Instant Level 80
Olympiad Reward 2 in 2 Weeks
Siege 7 in 7 Days
Max Buff Slot 24+4(Divine Books)
Buff Time 4h
Chaotic Zone In Bosses
TvT Event every 2 hours in-game
Max Subclasses 5 [ Free Subclass & Free proffesion ]
Daily PvP player [ Every 24 Hours ]
Farm Zones (Drops : 50-100 Sayha Coins & Adena)
Mass PvP Zone [ x3 Spawns ]
Special Raid Boss Zones [ Galaxia & Golkonda Bosses (Drops : Crystal Scrolls, Top Lifestones, Sayha Coins, Bogs, Accessories) ]
Advanced NPC Buffer with full buffs and counting buff slots
Detailed Gatekeeper / Boss - Farm
Advanced Shop - Itens Armor,jewell,Weapon
Top Manager PVP & PK
Castle Manager
Clan Manager [ Instantly clan lvl 8 or +5000 clan rep each time ]
Advanced Server Information NPC with everything inside
PvP Title Colors [ 1000 | 2000 | 3000 | 4000 | 5000 ]
Stuckable Lifestones on Inventory
Stuckable Bogs on Inventory
Stuckable Scrolls on Inventory


Website; http://www.l2sayha.net/index.php


Grand Open 12/12/2015 at 16:00 GMT-3

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are you trying to copy/paste sanity or what? whats the point of creating 99.9% exactly same website? lame.


its not my server i just advertising it ask the Owner of the server not me

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good server but with many br retards on it.Same donations as victoryl2.


we'll server is really good no pay2win no augments on donation list dealy 1k Online Players mass pvps full rb fights etc


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