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Open December 19th



Experience:  x10

Party Exp:     x2

Skill Points:  x8

Adena Rate: x8

Drop Rate:   x2

Spoil Rate:    x4

Quest Drop Rate:        4

Quest Reward Rate:   2(some)

Manor Rate:                 2

Seven Signs rate:         2



L2Off Server.

Anti DDOS system.

Antibot system (l2tower, zranger, adrenaline, any kind of OOG bot).

All skills working 100% including fusión ones.

All Quest working including Frintezza, Benom, Sailren, Uruka,etc.

Town Buffer with basic buffs (3rd class buff are not included).

GM shop (C grade only).

Clan halls, castles and siege clan halls working.

Offline Shop system.

Autoloot system.

Spawn protecttion.

Shadow weapons working 100%.

Cursed weapons working 100%.

Epic Raid bosses will spawn at the second week of the server.

Community events (photos,videos contest and more) with reward every week.

No custom ítems/skills.

No substack classes.

Vote Reward system.


  Beginners help

At the begining the players will recive top no grade weapon,armor, some buffs scrolls and soulshots/spirishot.  (sale price at shop: 0 adena)


 Profecion change

1 Profession : 100k adena

2 Profession:  2kk adena

3 Profession: 5kk adena


 Subclass and nobless

Subclass quest is retail like,Baium red pippet will be purchased at gm shop.

The nobless quest its retai like too and need to be fully completed.


  Enchant Rates

Normal Enchant rate: 50%

Blessed Enchant rate: 60%


 Raid Bosses

All the normal raid bosses spawn times/drops are retail like.

Subclass raid bosses respwan time:  12h   +- 1h random.

Ketra and Varka raid bosses respawn time:  18h  +-6h random.

Barakiel respwn time:  12h  +- 1h random.


  Epic Raid bosses

The spawns times are retail like too:

Queen ant







(more info coming soon)


 Lifestones info

All the t-rex drops lifeston with 30% of rate.

Normal Lifestone skill rate: 5%

Mid Lifestone skill rate: 20%

High Lifestone skill rate: 30%

Top Lifestone skill rate:  40%



Olympiads are daily, starts at 16:00 GMT+1 and need to be 6 players to get in to the arena.

One caracter peer IP allowed.

Heros will be announced every 2 weeks.

Anti exploit system are implemented to prevent cheaters or exploiters players.


  Seven Signs

Merchant of mammon and Blacksmith of mammon will be spawned in giran town.

Seal stones exchange in GM shop.



All the castles are available and sieges gonna be every 2 weeks.


 Castles (Manor system)

All the castles features are activated manor rates are 2x.


   Automatic events

We offer you constant automatic events like TVT and CTF with a nice reward for the winner and winners team to.



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