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[Mmorpg] Interkasamu ▌Season 6 Episode 3 ▌Xp 50 Drop 30 ▌Long Term


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InterkasaMu Season 6 Episode 3




Discover once again the fun in MuOnline playing a Mu Server with all working features and no gameplay bugs. Professional organised and balanced for every class we are going to break through all noob Mu Servers which we are invaded with.
We are working hard to keep our player satisfied and make our game much more interesting! We wish you pleasant stay in our server!

Server Information:
Version: Season 6 Episode 3
Experience: 50x
ML Experience: 25x
Drops: 30%
Reset Level: 400
Keep Stats: YES
Max Stats: 65000 (no agility bug)
Grand Reset System: at 100rr(reward amount of credits in webshop)
Maximum Master Level: 302
Spots: All Maps
Currency for Personal Store: Zen
1 Wcoins for every hour you are online!
Vote Reward System!

Official Mu Helper
Lucky Coin / Lucky Items
Monster HP Bar
5new jewells
Offtrade system
Auto-connect system and much more !

Server Events:
Golden Dragon Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
White Wizard
Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Devil Square
Castle Siege: Every Sunday (will be activated after server launches)

Chaos Machine Rates:
Mix Rate +10: 65%
Mix Rate +11: 55%
Mix Rate +12: 55%
Mix Rate +13: 45%
Mix Rate +14: 40%
Mix Rate +15: 35%
Luck adds extra 25% to every mix

Jewels Rates:
Bless: 100%
Soul No Luck: 60%
Soul With Luck: 75%
Life: 70%

Join Us : http://interkasamu.com




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600+ online
Opened 09.09.2023 🔥 fresh now.
Thanks for patience and our team will have the biggest honour if you play Interkasa MU in new season .
Basic information about Interkasa MU Online Mordor x10:
Experience(V.I.P.): 10x (11x)
Items Drop: 30%
Maximum Level: 400
Points per Level (Normal / DL): 4/5
Master Level Experience: 1x
Maximum Master Level: 200
Points Per Master level: 1 for all classes
Reset information:
Reset Level: 400
Clear stats : OFF
Zen for reset : 5 000 000 * reset count
> New restructured V.I.P. system
> New Flags System
> New Lucky goblin mix system
> New Interkasa Blessed mix system
> New Illusion Brothers system
> New PvP options
> New Gladiators Arena
> New Diabolic system
> New Kings Castle
> New Surprise Molt & Coins Master
> New Ancient Core Magriffy
> New God of the Gold
> New ranked items Options
> New Active Invasions info with monsters preview
> New web Achievements system
> Balanced items equipment manage
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