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L2Classic Europe - Episode 1 x4





Motivated by NcSoft's stubbornness to not release their official L2 Classic to Europe but also by our passion for the game we all grew up with and loved, we are bringing the ultimate L2Classic experience to Europe. Who are we? Highly experienced developers but also players who would really make a dream for all of you come true.
Please join L2Classic Eu BETA stage where we are aiming to fix as many possible bugs and wrong values as possible. Our files are JAVA based and we are not hiding this as many other competitors do. We wear it like a crown. We are proud to bring such a high quality java emulator for everyone to play. The reason we went for java is because everything is easier. You can fix bugs earlier, you can add more features easier and everything in general makes sure that the player gets the best quality possible.
You can actually get rewarded for participating in our BETA stage and helping us fix as many bugs and problems as possible. For every bug that you report and we fix during the BETA stage we will be awarding you with 10 Mystical Crystals ingame. Mystical Crystals are items that you can get only by donating or in rare cases by playing the game a lot. The more you help us the more we help you.






XP: x4

SP: x4

Adena: x5

Drop chance: x3

Spoil chance: x2

Quests: x2

Raid drops: x1


BOTTING AND MULTI-BOXING is ALLOWED as long as you don't interfere to the farming experience of the other players.



Website: http://l2classiceu.com/

Forum: http://l2classiceu.com/forum


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