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The following chars are all on the same account


Core server - 4game


Sigel knight 97 / Tyrr 93


Seraph heavy +6 *120 set with dark knight app

Twilight heavy +3/+4 *60 set with summer appearance

Blessed apoc cutter +5 *300 1SA

Blessed apoc slasher +5 *300 1SA

Blessed apoc stormer +5 *300 1SA

Zaken earring

Frintezza necklace

Freya necklace

Octavis ring warrior

Istina ring warrior

Topgrade earring stun resist

75000+ PA points

Istina shirt

Hunter talisman

Brilliant brooch

Ruby lvl3

Diamond lvl3

Pearl lvl4

Obsidian lvl3

Hellfire talisman

and alot of other stuff!!! (seraph stocking +5, scrolls, stones,....)


Othell lvl 95 90% / Aeore 90

Immortal / requiem stuff

maphr shirt +7

+15 LUC


Ant queen char


10days premium left.



Paypall only

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