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WEBSITE: http://l2devianne.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LineageIIDevianne


L2Devianne is a mid-rate server, and there fore has some characteristics, such as Rates, NPCs, areas and Drops modified and differentiated. These information are available below.

GRAND OPENING : 01.10.2015 20:00 GMT +2



- All EpicBoss is Pvp Zone.


Clan System:

- Max Members in Clan ( 30 in Main , and 2 Royals of 15 every one ) Total Members 60
- Max Clans on Alliance 1  ( Main clan + Alliance Clan )
- Clan Ranking and Recrutation on Comunity Board
- New Clan War System Reward ( 1 Clan Box per kill ) Clan war have Antifeed System
- Only clans with lvl 8 or higher and 30 active members they will have war
- Castle Skill High ( get 7% Pvp bonus skill and physical Damage, and 7% Defense bonus)
- Castle Skill Medium ( get 5% Pvp bonus skill and physical Damage, and 5% Defense bonus)
- Castle Skill Low ( get 3% Pvp bonus skill and physical Damage, and 3% Defense bonus)

Siege System:

- Sieges and TW every 2 Week
- Max Flags per Clan ( 3 )
- New Task System ( every Monday the leader lord of Castle get a reward )
- The castles Are divided in 3 Sections:
1- High Castles ( Task Reward 750 Clan Box )

Aden, Goddard and Rune ( All Members of Clan owner get skill High Clan )
2- Medium Castles ( Task Reward 500 Clan Box )
Giran, Oren and Schuttgart ( All Members of Clan owner get skill Medium Clan )
3- Low Castles ( Task Reward 250 Clan Box )
Dion, Gludio and Heine ( All Members of Clan owner get skill Low Clan )


Comunity Board:



- Korean Style , Tvt , CTF and Treasure Hunter



- Achievements System . Achievements are dynamic and you can view them at any time. When you complete an achievement, a question mark [?] will appear above the chat window. (same like when you login a new character and the guide question mark appears). Item reward occurs once you press the question mark.





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