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L2FortuneDays is based on a Gracia Final client platform running full L2Pride Edited Source Pack .The team worked hard to solve all problems reworked all monsters , drops , skills 
Player vs Player balance 99% , Custom monsters , custom bosses , grand bosses , custom instances , custom drops check us.

Beta Opening 26.08.2015
21:00 GMT +2
Grand Opening 26.09.2015 




* Xp: x5000
* Sp: x5000
* Party Xp: x1.3
* Party Sp: x1.3
* Adena: x100
* Starting Level 80
*Max Level -95 

* PvP Color System


Custom Zones

Execution Grounds - Level up area 
Cave of trials - Starter area - S80 Grades max
Ruins of Despari solo farming
The Cemetary - solo/party farming 


Main Towns 

Gludin Village - general pvp area

Aden Town
Giran Town/Market zone


Castle Sieges

Aden - S grade only


Custom Instances 
Kamaloka - Gludin
DVC - GIran 
Ultraverse - Aden 

Custom Items 

*Unique Boss Weapons

*Custom Tatoos

*Dread weapons/armors
*Titanium weapon/armors 
*S-rare weapons
*s80-rare weapons
*S80-rare weapons
*S-epic weapons 
*S84-epic weapons




* Automated Character Services System
* All items on GM Shop - With Ancient Adena
* Flawless Geodata
* No corruptions
* Auto Loot
* Auto Learn all Skills
* Grade Penalty On * Ingame Announcement when a Raid spawns
* Lag free
* 100% Uptime
* Active Staff
* Wedding System
* Unique Farm Zones
* International community
* No weight limit
* Subclass without quest
* Subclass starting lvl = 40
* Max Subclasses = 12
* Max Clans in Alliance = 3
* All active/passive augments are fully working! 1 Active Or 1 Passive only
* All flood protections
* Newbie System
* Reworked all Skills / Items & Class Balance
* Anti - Feed System
* Cursed weapons
* Weapon Augmentations
* Dueling System
* Olympiad system fully working
* Heroes every 1 week


Enchant is randomized depending on the
weapon grade 

safe 4 max 25 ! 





Edited by L2FortuneDays

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Owner of this thread: Please fill your website info because of what I can see this a non-sense website or else, it's going to be locked due, to lack of info.

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