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Share L2Off Server Controler + Email Notification

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Since the Server Controler wich I added on GM Panel is kind of unhandy to use I decided to split and share with some modifications :)





-Save logs files of every restart so you can figure out when your server files crash or no

-Option to send emails when server files crashes with date and time and application name

(Email settings and file directory location can be saved directly from the application)

-To stop a application from auto restart just kill from the buttons on right.




- .Net Framework 4.0


Download: http://www.4shared.com/zip/yPI9GDicba/Srv_ctl.html?







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Tip: You should try making a web application with WAMP/Autobahn making a control panel available through site in real time.


Check it out ;) http://wamp.ws/

The idea is ok but I don't think that is secure enough to control it via web.

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