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Hello dear maxcheaters .. it seems it has happend again .

There is no such thing as professionalism in the world anymore .

I present to you 2 scums of the earth in this Raport .

1 of them is LightFusion

I talked to this man to provide a preview for some armors and weapons .. i wanted to buy some unique work and he said he would do it for the right price .

Anyway ... as all kids this days he was geting to cocky and refused to do the 1 preview i asked him to do .

For short i did not gave him the work and assigned another for it .

2 the name is MrSmi5tt i don't know if he has an account here or not ... i was introduced to this person by individ number 1 ... i saw he was skilled and i asked him to work on my web design .. i payed 50% up front witch i think it normal when contracting work ..

Anyway .. the months passed and no updates , he kept using lame excuses not to give me an update ... untill one day he spilled the beans ... this person refused to work on what i payed him to do for individual number 1 .. why ?  cause i did not give him the work and he QQ to individual number 2 .

FYA : Professionalism is doing the work your assigned .. not listening to kids who complain for not delivering a simple preview and just wanted to scam for cash ..

Anyway ...

I did a compromice and payed individual #1  25% of the agreed price of what he was going to work on ..

After payment ... lame excuses and no updates as well .. untill silence .


Individual #2's DeviantArt link : http://mrsmi5tt.deviantart.com/


If you do not want to lose your money ... simply find more professional people who do the job they are payed for and not find excuses to scam you .



Individual #1 ( Chat starts from when i find out the reason why Individual 2 will not work on what i payed him , because i have deleted Individual 1 )





Anyway .... fast forward alittle bit 



Paypal Transaction to that email ..


The rest is Silence .....


Individual #2 .. there is a long chat .. but il cut down to when he gives me the reason he did not work on what i payed him to do 



I can only say this ... if you need professional people to deal with regarding Armors and Weapons .. i suggest CriticalError .

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