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Hello to all Lineage II Gold players,


Please visit my Website and Facebook Page


I decied to open this server that is exactly as old L2Gold server C4 but on Interlude C6.

And yes is based on pack of Trance so I just did a little few changes till now. I will continue working...

So credits to Trance who made this Pack.

  • You are asking why?


This server is meant to be PvP server with NO Farm, NO Donation, NO Corruption.

I choose to open this server for people who want to play L2 without paying, without farming, without corruption just to have Fun and PvP-PK, who want to remember the days in old L2Gold.

  • What can you do if there is no farm ?

You will find L2Gold shop on the server in all towns where you can buy all you need ( Weapons, Armors, Shields, Jewels, Crown's ) with NO Adena everything is FREE.

You just have to lvl from 1 to 78 then after rebirth you will still be level 78.


RATE is x 2000

  • You can go :

  • Sieges ( take castle you like )

  • Olympiad (become Hero)

  • PvP-Pk

  • Raidboss ( for fun )

  • Farming ( for fun also )

  • Why to choose play here ? Because is something UNIQUE.


Just have fun, PvP with your friends, family and enemies.

You don't have to vote my server, if you like it , stay and play if not is your choice.






Now server will stay on my server machine :


- Intel i7 2600k 3,4 Ghz Quad Core

- 250 SSD Samsung PRO (new)

- 16 GB RAM DDR 3 1600 (new)

- Ethernet 1GBps


For any questions, reports please post to Facebook Page

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This server will stay ON 12/24 till 150 players online reached. Server will be ON  10:00 UTC+1 and OFF 23:00-00:00 UTC +1. 
I hope to understand, if it will worth, I will go to the next step bellow >> 

When 150 players online reached then means it worth and will do the next changes :  
Server will stay ON 24/24I will buy a domain & hosting and make a great website.I wil move to a dedicated server in Germany or Belgium.

Now server machine specs:
 - Intel i7 2600k 3,4 Ghz Quad Core
- 250 GB SSD Samsung PRO (new)
- 16 GB RAM DDR 3 1600 (new)
- Ethernet 1GBps



cant stop laughing! 

Edited by IamYourDeath

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