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I'm starting to make a project geodata files, based on V2 L2JServer from HorridoJoho and NosBit. (Thanks)

Any bug in geodata file High Five you have, please create an issue. Updates made are the best that any Geofile found on the web free.
All that is done is tested in game.

I'm violating any forum rule, please write me.


  • NOTE:
  • High Five installer torrent not contain all textures, for latest updates High Five, we recommend RPG-CLUB client. (contain all missing textures High Five)
  • Before you report any Bug, make sure that you are using High Five and also your Geofile!
  • L2J not need pathnode (develop and Master).
  • GeoData.properties
  • Spoiler

    # Pathfinding options:
    # 0 = Disabled
    # 1 = Enabled using path node files
    # 2 = Enabled using geodata cells at runtime
    # Default: 0
    PathFinding = 2


    # This setting controls Client <--> Server Player coordinates synchronization:
    # -1 - Will synchronize only Z from Client --> Server. Default when no geodata.
    # 1 - Synchronization Client --> Server only. Using this option (without geodata) makes it more difficult for players to bypass obstacles.
    # 2 - Intended for geodata (at least with cell-level pathfinding, otherwise can you try -1).
    # Server sends validation packet if client goes too far from server calculated coordinates.
    # Default: -1
    CoordSynchronize = 2


  • Organization:
  • R0rPhaf.png 
  • Download latest release ZIP:
  • jSeDS3r.png
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Hello i downloaded and i use your geodata! Well it has some problems so far as i am able to see. 

- When i join zaken instance if i go around floors close to the wall there is a chance to found my self suddenly on a mountain out of the ship with 1 hp. :S

- When i enter frintezza instance, some mobs stuck into the wall. Well to be more specific. At first and second room if not all people who entered instance, gather together into the middle of the rooms some mobs stuck into graphics and in order to kill them you have to summon your pet, use /target 'the name of mob' and send your pet to attack. After your pet kill the mob it stucks into graphics. So you have to make restart , reenter instance and make this thing again and again in order to clean all the room. Rarely maybe you need to mount a drake with gm/admin and use next target arond the wall and get into graphics to kill the mob.

- Schuttgart, Aden, Goddard some Knights stuck into the wall and if fighter want to hit the castle door game moves them into the corner between wall and door. they are enable to moove, hit anything. All they can do is to dye or soe back :)

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@Cosimo what source you use? L2JServer have several problems on core engine. My geo is the best geo High Five - Part 5, and is free for all users, enjoy the project.

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