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WTS Core Inovva / Adena+Items+Feoh Wizzard Storm Screamer 99

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Main: Feoh Wizard Storm Screamer 99/ Dual Aeore Shilent Saint 99/Subclass Arcana lord 80/Warcryer 80

1b for 30 Euro , stock : 15kkk

Premium 150 days

Skills Active:
Elemental Spike +10 Duel
Elemental Crash +10 Duel
Elemental Destruction +10 Duel
Death Breath +10 Duel
Death Howl +7 Duel
Elemental Blast +8 Duel
Elemental Storm +8 Duel
Devil's Curse +10 M.def
Mass Devil's Curse +7 M.Def
Ignore Divinity +8 Chance
Shadow Snare +5 Cost
Ultimate Body To mind +5 Power MP
Unleash Hell +8 Entangle
Death Mass Unleash Hell +8 Entangle
Wizard Spirit +10 Time
Air Ride +6 Time
Arcane Barrier +10 Time
Double Casting +10 Empower
Death Lord +5 Power
Hell Binding +8 M.Def
Mass Hell Binding +8 M.Def
Death Fear +8 Chance
Mass Death Fear +8 Chance
Magical Evasion +5 Distance
Magical Charge +5 Distance
Devil's Sway +5 Cost

Skills Passive:
Superior Weapon Mastery +10 Power
Superior Robe Mastery +10 Power
Superior Anti Magic +10 Power
Superior MP Boost +5 Power
Superior Fast MP Recovery +5 Power
Superior Clear Mind +5 Power

Skills Dual/Sub:
Sub-P.atk./M.atk. Increases lv4
Passive Skill
P.Atk. 4% M.Atk. 6%

Sub-P.Def./M.Def. Increase lv.4
Passive Skill
P.Def. +4% M.Def +4%

Sub-Atk.spd./Casting Spd. Increase lv.4
Passive Skill
Atk.Spd +4% Casting Spd +4%

Dual-P.Atk./M.Atk. Increase lv.4
Passive Skill
P.Atk. +12% M.Atk. +18%

Ability Point
Noble Empower lvl.4 M.atk - 14%
Noble Acumen lvl.2 Cast.Spd - 4%
Noble Earth lvl.1 P.Def - 3%
Noble Robe Defense lvl.1 P.Def - 3%
Noble Blessing lvl.1 P.Def - 3%

2x Lv5 Legendary Int Symbol - Int +5 Wit +1 Resistance to water +25
1x Lv5 Ancient WIT Symbol - Wit +5 Resistance to Wind +25

Reflect,Refresh,Wild Magic 10lvl,Celestial Shield --- Active

Full Bloody Eternal Robe Magic Type R99 +9/+8
Istina's Shirt +6
Top-grade Magic Ornament Seraph Belt PVP Skill Attack +6
Bloody Amaranthine Retributer R99 Acumen + Empower +8
Talizman - Longing
Talizman - Hunter Abudance
Aria's Barclet WIT
Augumented Party Mask +4 M.atk +10%
Enhanced Istina's Earring +5
Enhanced Octavi's Earring +5
Enhanced Istina's Ring +4
Enhanced Octavi's Ring+5
Enhanced Istina's Necklace +5
Reinforced Blessed Zaken's Earring +5
Beleth' Ring +4
Top- Grade Resistance Earring- Mental Attack +4

+ some other stuff in wh and 15kkk Adena on account
only reall offer please accept bank transfer, and paypal





















 WTS Adena on core 1b -30e


pm me here for skype details

Edited by l2coretrader

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Trusted guy ,since he get they money , you got trade in game. very fast thanks mate :)


i need and b.baium if you have please tell me price in pm



thx for feeding back. no i dont have atm baium sorry.

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Warrning on this man becuase probably this is scammer all accounts  DarkSideOnyouAdenaBuyzGeorgeSoxinMaryJanemoney create today 02:12 AM - 02:34 AM.


1st of all this guys made mxc account only for me i ask them to give me feedback, they weren't mxc members , i know them from other forum


and 2nd. stop trying to blame my topic , only becaouse you want to sell more adenas than me.


You have already lost ^^ , im trusted and fucking more chepper than you. so get the fuck out of my topic nigga

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