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Strategy How To Kalista - How To Be Challenjur Player

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Hello everyone!
I've been part of this community for a while now and never had a chance to really submit anything of my own so today I'm going to write a Kalista guide.

This will in hope help you gain you're truly desired Elo!


Little About Me:
Currently used Kalista to Climb 2 accounts to Diamond. 
Main account is in Diamond 1
Second Account is Diamond 4 .

Some Recent History



Kalista Skill Order.

Level 1 W > then Max R>E>Q>W





Ability Break Down


Q Ability: Pierce

Not to bad of an ability

.Mainly used for poking and helping you catch up and or escape through walls.

Not hard to land and has good mobility.


W Ability: Sentinel

Very useful ability

Grants Vision to help keep watch for ganks

Allows your partner to do something in lane to keep them sane.

Basically kind of a mark that does extra damage if your connect partner Auto attack them same target.


E Ability: Rend 

This is her bread and butter.

The more stacks you have on a person, the higher the burst potential can be.
Excellent when combined with Runaan's so multiple targets can have rend.

Allows you to farm under tower since it refreshes upon killing the target.


R Ability: Fate's Call

Interesting ability

Used to help launch teammates for engages
Used to help pull back your teammates to save them from danger.
Overall hit or miss ability.
Kind of hard to remember since Kalista is all about kiting around the opponent.



Kalista is a super mobile champion.

Allows easy kiting and get away with her Q when needed.

Can deals TONS of DAMAGE due to her stacks on E

Has a very good initiate and save for the team.
Free Wards basically due to W


Takes a little to get used to her attacking.

Very squishy and needs very good positioning.

Early game is a little slow but very manageable

Item Build Path



Item Path

Starting: Dorans + Potion
1st: Blood Thirster

2nd: Berserker's Greaves

3rd: Runaan's Hurricane
4th: Blade of the Ruined King
5th: Last Whisper

6th: Phantom Dancer / Guardian Angel

Trinket : Yellow then switch to Blue mid-late game.

Laning Phase

W.I.P WILL FINISH SOON :# Late over where I am.
Let me know if you have any questions or comments on my first guide ! Thanks

Other Maches





How To be Challenjur



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Will you Copy/paste the whole LeagueSharp (  here?


community is big so why not ? people like u must shut up 

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