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[Share] .cl voice command - Teleports you to your clan leader

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Takes one goldbar and teleports you to your clan leader...


Create new file called Cl.java in net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.voicedcommandhandlers




Go to net.sf.l2j.gameserver.GameServer.java


import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.voicedcommandhandlers.Cl;

import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.voicedcommandhandlers.Wedding;


_voicedCommandHandler.registerVoicedCommandHandler(new Cl());

_log.config("VoicedCommandHandler: Loaded .cl VoiceCommand handler.");


_log.config("VoicedCommandHandler: Loaded " + _voicedCommandHandler.size() + " handlers.");



Thanx TheOneGandalf for ideas ^^

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If you dont want to use it during pvp try this code


            +if (activeChar.isInCombat())


            +activeChar.sendMessage("You cannot use this command in combat mode.");

            +return false;


           int leaderx;

               int leadery;

               int leaderz;


               leaderx = leader.getX();

               leadery = leader.getY();

               leaderz = leader.getZ();




               activeChar.teleToLocation(leaderx, leadery, leaderz);

               activeChar.sendMessage("You have been teleported to your leader!");

               activeChar.getInventory().destroyItemByItemId("RessSystem", 3470, 1, activeChar, activeChar.getTarget());

               activeChar.sendMessage("One GoldBar has dissapeared! Thank you!");






same for .ch command...


Setting a timer would be a waste of code and resources

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this is a good thing..but its kinda wired .. why don't u create a skill handler that makes castle lord crown summon all clan members or a voice command that dose that...that wold be cool xD


Imagine a entire clan spawns  in the enemy's face xD that pwns dude xD specialy on faction servers...

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