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Interlude [L2Off]Lineage2Khaos

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Clan wars and castle sieges  

Are you willing to win authority and place under the sun of hardcore Khoas? Or do you and your friends want to found your own kingdom? Legendary Lineage 2 Clan Wars are waiting for you.

Create your own clan or join an existing one

Fight together for Clan Hall

Get valuable loot from epic bosses and do not let your rivals do it

Players-driven economy  

Economy in Lineage 2 Khaos, from Trade to crafting equipment, is fully driven by players. Open market encourages enterprising and offers many ways to earn.

Hunt Raid Boss in open locations for farm the Custom weapons.

Trade your matirial from farm or your weapons.

Khaos have a Special Nobless and Subclass Quest System. For more info visite the Newbie Helper in Giran Castle Town. You can sell your Crown for Nobless Quest on privateshop

Level up your own warsmith for crafting the SA weapons

Each level is an achievement  

Levelling in Lineage 2 Khaos is easy that you will be severely punished for mistakes and you will value each point of experience. Incomparable fun for all the fans of Khaos hardcore!

We have custom zones for farm and spoil. Refining system on Armor and custom weapon drop from Raid Boss

Hold defense against the monsters, risking your experience and items. L2Khaos have a unique way to earn your equipament by using The Mantra System

Is open PVP and hunting innocent players your favourite source of fun? Get ready to lose valuable equipment if you fail to stand the battle on Raid Boss

41 Custom Raid Boss

41 Custom Raid Boss with unique special drops.

Vanor chief kandra - Palibati queen themis 

Antharas cloe - Geyser guardian hestia 

Varka chief horuth - Last lesser olkuth 

Beastlord behemoth - Gargoyle lord tiphon 

Demonic agent falston - Ipos the death lord 

Krokian padisha sobekk - Varka hero shadith 

Spike stakato qn shyid - Degeneration golem 

Flame stone golem - Faf herald lokness 

Wdragon priest sheshark - Zaken 

Orfen - Valakas 

Anakim - Antharas 

Core - Lilith 

Queen ant - Baium 




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