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WTS Adena + Accounts 4Game Eu Core

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Rogue 102 / Archer 101 dual

16 AP on both ofc


All exhalted quests done.


5 slot Brouch

Four level 4 brouches (including Ruby, Amethyst, Obsidian)

Three level 3 brouches (including Red Cat Eye)


+10 Physical Reflect Shirt

+10 Shiny Shirt

Longing Talisman SOLD



Lots of ++ skills on main and sub


Augments: Giant Critical damage (+15%) / Giant Celestial and some other less important.


I would like to sell this toon with the weapon, ++++ Blessed ama dagger 2ble SA with augment +15% Skill crit damage. Weapon estimated value is ~20b. But I can sell it separately as well. SOLD


In the account there are more toons, some 97 - 98 level toons and Anakim and Lilith toons.

This toon will not be sold unless the offer is good, so calculate the items and plz don't waste my time with crap offers.





Also 2nd toon

Iss Hierophant 101 (16 AP) with subclass 97 sos tank.

Sonatas +10, PoM +10. SOLD




Abundance level 1 talisman SOLD

7s Talisman SOLD


Sell for adena or euros.




Stock: 10b. Price= 10Euro/bil. SOLD


Selling method is paypal, friends n family, money first.


PM on this forum, or leave your skype and I will get in touch with you when I can.

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Hi there,


How much for the Rogue in Euros? Including the items mentioned.


And is it one of the top rogues regarding skills enchants and gear on the server? Do you have a PVP Set?


Best Regards,

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