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A new Lineage 2 TopList is open with a variety of features that will help a lot the private servers that will be part of the list in order to be more popular in the society of Lineage 2. aims to European players so if a NOT European server wants to be more popular to European players will have a good change to achieve it!
Every admin that will add his website to our Toplist will have access to a very useful panel that will help him to manage easily his information for the server
or edit and add extra things to the future.

Furthermore :
Youtube Videos are supported in order to promote your server in a modern and better way than other toplists.
Premium Banners that you can upload via your user control panel with extra features as click counter and the traffic in general plus more!
We provide banners not only to Lineage 2 servers but to all that sell things about Lineage 2 such as servers, webhosting, dedicated servers, ddos protection e.t.c. also.
This feature is available only to admins of the servers in order to aim in a higher possibility attracting clients!
L2Network collaborates ONLY with the best l2off/l2java developers, forums and web designers. Our goal is to collaborate with the best servers and communities also.

More Infos for our Visits just check the Alexa rank! more than 140.000 - 170.000 visitors per month!






  • Added Flag Counter generator for your Website! Customize your web counter visitor !|



  • New Update from Vanganth Added HTML - -
    -Updated L2Network Vote system, from now when you type .showvote it will show template html (showvote.htm) with special vote link based on TemplateLink from IlExt.ini configuration.  REV: 152


  • Added Vanganth's L2OFF Files Vote Reward with Command on REVISION: 150 (Subscribe)

    ;0 - uses charId, 1 - uses character name, 2 - uses accountId, 3 - uses account name , it's id param in vote link
    ;example vote link:
    ;if set to 1 it will auto check for a reward when player enters world
    ;if set to 1 it will enable in game command ".checkvote" and ".showvote" to check a vote and get a reward.
    ;Vote reward item id
    ;Time that have to pass since last vote - to avoid flooding vote website, time in seconds
    ;ApiKey from UserPanel
    ;This vote link will be replaced in showvote.htm file when player use command ".showvote"
    ;<?identity?> keyword will be replaced based on IdentityType param
    ;Make sure to replace &u=l2cryptonite with your own value from l2network user panel.

  • L2JFrozen Vote reward System REVISION: 1112

  • Added TOP 5 UPCOMING Servers


  • we added automaticaly Rank Position payment on your CP...
    You can select your premium position and you can get it instantly!



  • FORUM:
  • Advertise:
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Hello guys we are gonna recruit "Paid Per Post" and "Paid per Article"  - Bloggers for our L2Network.EU...

We are gonna Create a New Blog with categories (Games-tech-Computers News and so on)

Every source that you have you can post it with Credits/source we need smart people with experience on that....

We will discus together about it and then we will make the deal - Every post Must be real and NOT Fake


Please open a support ticket here:

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- Added Flag Counter generator for your Website! Customize your web counter visitor !


overview, Live traffic, Today traffic, yesterday traffic, Details  and more!


For any bugs send us msg!



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Hello community,
The L2Network Team working to create some nice and smart widgets!

We already created the online/offline widget that you can easy customize with colors & etc ( we are gonna change the default image )....!! So login to
Your panel and give a try! we did not finished yet but help us to make it better

More Widgets are coming



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