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Gladiator-Wow Instant 90 Pvp [5.0.5]

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Introduction to Gladiator-WoW (Open Beta Release)



Gladiator-WoW is a instant level 90 PvP server based on the 5.0.5 patch. On Gladiator-WoW you start out in malevolent gear allowing PvP to be much more balanced and competitive. We have a staff team that is constantly active and ready to help players and developers that are working around the clock to make sure that any bugs or class imbalance gets fixed as quickly as possible.




Unique Features of Gladiator-WoW


♦ Custom Transmogrifier NPC ♦
♦ Weapon Enchant Transmog ♦
♦ VIP Self Morph Command (Over 100 Morphs) ♦
♦ Malevolent Start ♦
♦ Rated 1v1 Bracket ♦
♦ Arena Seasons ♦
♦ Custom VIP Transmog Gear & Weapons ♦
♦ Unique Effect Shirts ♦
♦ Transmoggable Legendary Weapons ♦
♦ Instant Profession NPC & Materials ♦
♦ Custom World Chat ♦
♦ Race Morph NPC ♦
♦ Enchant NPC ♦
♦ PvP Titles for Honorable Kills NPC ♦
♦Beast Master ♦
♦ Class Tools ♦
♦Top 10 Arena Teams ♦
Here at Gladiator-WoW the Battlegrounds & Arenas are active and working
Click the picture below to join today!



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