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Hellow there, not the way I wanted to share my stuff but whatever ^^


Here you can see my project called L2 Violence. It was bought by Munich (L2 Fantastic owner) and stolen from him. The thief is called Daniel Robert Cretu aka Outlaw. He made a topic here with this incomplete project:


Another thing is that Dani Outlaw Cretu uploaded fonts used in this project. He is spreading it illegaly since I have bought them along with Munich and I was able to use them freely, those were used only as a preview, later I altered them with free ones. Unless you have bought Helvetica / Vivaldi fonts, do not download his package!


First of all, that project uploaded above is entitled to be "full"

It contains only MAIN PAGE and LOGIN SCREEN. You will not be able to change many things like News Headlines and such without messing up fonts. Logo is not customizable, none of the pages is created!


Here I present you my website DESIGN. No coding inculded since it wasn't my role to do it. I never aimed on coding my designs.



Main Page




Login screen




Premium content that is not included in stolen upload from Outlaw:

For example download section




Premium content included:

- NWatch Design

- Features page 

- Custom Raid map with indicated Raid Bosses, Epic Bosses, Event Bosses

- Custom Farming Zone map

- Infographics about current market

- Infographics about current farm zones

- Infograhpics about current PvP zones

- Infographics about current custom items

- Violent Journey ™ - tutorial how Violence server works with infographics

- Designer services including:

  • Weekly PvP masters
  • Weekly PK masters
  • Presentation of heroes
  • Presentation of clans
  • Presentation of sieges

And much, much more.


I'd like you to get mine version of this piece without fonts inside as a "demo" of it. Remember to replace fonts with similar looking ones!

For everybody who would like to get premium content of this share contact me via lukasz.piatekd@gmail.com so we can speak about buisness details. Thank you for your attention!



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