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Starting Level: 80

Maximum Level: 85

Rates after level 80 are x 25

Exp : 9300

Sp: 4000

Party : x4


Community Board:

Much like other L2j servers, our community board shows who is online (Nothing special on this)



.inspect command, write the name of the character and you can check his items (only equipped)


PvP Status:

.pvpstatus , list of top pvp players.


Mysterious Merchant:

The Mysterious Merchant is L2Ambrosial choice custom trader that holds almost all of the equipment you need other than S Grade items, which are purchased through the GM Shop. You can find the Mysterious Merchant in all towns/farm zones.


Items & Equipment:

L2Ambrosial has many custom items to offer such as custom armor, weapons, accessories and consumables. Diverse armor sets and weapons along with over 60+ accessories, all having unique properties to customize your character any way you want, also is much easy to obtain. The top tier weapons Dread offer special skills, Titanium weapons grant the active skill ‘Sudden Flash’, which gives you 4 seconds of 100% critical chance, skill critical chance, and +100 attack speed/casting speed. Dread weapons do not give you an active skill, but rather an on-crit chance debuff skill. The skills are different weapon to weapon, some of them include; Hex Absolute, Psycho tear, corrupted senses ++. Each having their own nasty effect.



Farm Difficulty:

Untill Tier 4 : Easy

Untill Top Grade: Medium


Farming Zones:

The current farming areas are Ruins of Despair, Cemetery, Forgotten Temple and Cave of Trials. Cave of Trails is a newbie only zone, meaning only Tier 2.5 equipment and below can be worn, this makes COT a friendly area for new players. Ruins of Despair is  Party/solo zone. Cemetery is aswell a party/solo zone, with some of the more difficult mobs that drop the materials needed to create the higher end equipment. Forgotten Temple is the extreme zone, party only zone there you farm for the top grade items.


Castle Sieges:

All castles are siegeable.


Nobless & Olympiad & Heroes:

You can receive Nobless status purchasing Caradine’s Letter out of the Mysterious Merchant.To join the Grand Olympiad games, you must be level 80 or higher and have to be able to participate. The Grand Olympiad games run for 2 weeks, at the of of which heroes will be chosen on the 2nd Saturday of the period. The times at which the Grand Olympiad games run are different everyday, the times are staggered throughout the week so each day as a different start time to accommodate people from all time zones. Heroes receive 5 custom hero skills.


PvP Towns:

Gludin is  the only town that is not safe zones.. Orc Village s is an Tier 2.5 only zone creating a noob friendly environment for beginner PvP without having to worry about top geared players ruining your fun.However you cannot have a party in Orc Village. Gludin is where all event NPC’s appear and is a non-gear-restricted area. 



There are many Customized Raid Bosses with improved AI that will give you a much more difficult time than your average Boss. They also use an array of skills and debuffs that increase their difficulty to give you a unique raiding experience. These Bosses have a variable respawn time that ranges from 12 hours or up to a day.


Custom Classes & Skills:

Classes like Spectral Dancer, Sword Muse, Doomcryer, Shillen Saint, Eva’s Saint, and Hierophant have been given skills to change their play style and over all make them more enjoyable classes to play. There are many skills that have been customized to give different, better or more stats than retail, there are even some completely new ones, but none are as impressive as the Ultimate Skills on level 85. PvP skills are obtained by increasing your PvP count, once you get it, it’s yours to use whenever. PvP Skills include Bless the Body (heals and increases max HP) Might,  Increase Weight, Death Whisper, Wind Walk, Breserker’s Spirit, and many more.


PvP/ PK colour:

every 100-250-350-500-1000



Events have been automated every 4 hours, the server will randomly pick an event between Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Death Match. All participants are rewarded with Topaz which can be saved up and exchanged for Other currencies. There is Anti-AFK protection so don’t even think about joining and walking away, you will get kicked from the event!​


Newbie Benefits: Tier 2.5 Armors and tier 2 Weapons are free on start to farm faster! (Farm isnt hard)


Shaka Stab Antibot:

No tower, no phx, no andrenaline. Botters, we challenge you to try botting.



Ultimate Skills:

At level 82:

Rush : All melee, instantly teleports to target.

Point Blank Shot: To all Archers


At level 85:

Wan juan jie: Tanks/Songers, greatly increases range of hitting , decreases pAtk though.

Final Secret: Titan/Tyrant/Duelist/Hierophant Greatly Increases pvp skill dmg and damage itself.

Septic Bloodia: BD/Summoners, Greatly decrease run speed , evasion.

OverDrive: Archers, for 5sec +100% critical damage increase.

Mind Snap: Mages, more dmg on pvp

Stone Skin: Healers, not receiving dmg, +5000 pdef after effect for 2 seconds and +100% regen HP MP CP.

Critical Wound: Daggers, Decreases enemy critical damage by 30%

Beta Mode Starting Today :)  http://www.l2ambrosial.com/Join Us  you won't regret it

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Where do u actually see a threat?


Leeching is also bannable then, so tell him not to use other server's patch.

You leech NCSoft stuff then,  why you have hi5 effects on your patch, why you use l2pride features? why why why? 

 Die please 

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You leech NCSoft stuff then,  why you have hi5 effects on your patch, why you use l2pride features? why why why? 

 Die please 


Are you retarded or what? What is my patch? What is my server to begin with?

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Are you retarded or what? What is my patch? What is my server to begin with?

dont thread people when you dont own something, let the owners of aepvp thread him, you are just a fucking kiddo bullcraping around :)

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